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Operators in the lottery and betting sector are increasingly feeling the need for reliable, safe and efficient solutions. Custom is the perfect partner for the gaming sector, thanks to its wide range of hardware, software and service solutions, such as lottery printers, ticket and slip printers, terminals and mobile devices – highly innovative systems that can guarantee the security of betting shops, accompanied by an efficient customer assistance service. Custom’s all-in-one solutions are ideal for compact devices, barcode scanners and other essential functions, guaranteeing efficiency at all lottery offices and betting shops.

Retail Lottery

The Lottery world is constantly evolving: the Custom Group is the ideal partner

Retail Lottery The Lottery world is constantly evolving: the most interesting development is represented by its collision with the Retail sector. The Custom Group is the ideal partner to face this new trend. Our insight explores every aspect of a field that is constantly evolving: attended terminals, for those commercial solution with the poit-of-sale as a focal point; unattended terminals, for those customers who'd like to gamble autonomously; mobile terminals, to catch potential customers both in-store and outdoor; digital environment: multimedia contents and technologies to make these environments interactive. Download the PDF It’s now possible to purchase tickets and gamble in very different places, such as gas stations, stores, even on the go

Retail Lottery


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The hardware and software solution that automatically digitizes printer tickets to prevent printing defects and forgeries

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