Custom has been providing advanced solutions for years in numerous vertical markets and for different business units: professional printing solutions, telematic cash registers, POS PCs, barcode readers, scanners, mobile computers, self-order kiosks and software.


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Professional Printing

Custom’s professional printing solutions are a global reference for many industrial sectors, where quality and performance are needed. A wide offer of reliable and compact printers, equipped with software and tools for an easier integration and to better adapt to the most varied applications of use.



High performance hardware, weighing systems, sacnning solutions, data capture and omni-channel software developed in house by our dedicated teams: a complete offering of retail outlet solutions.



The most complete and highest performing ranges of barcode readers and scanners. Barcode scanners are ergonomic, drop resistant and read both 1D and 2D barcodes. The A4 and A6 scanners support high-speed, color and duplex scanning and are ideal for documents and checks.



Self-service solutions, like multifunction stands, self-order kiosks and informative kiosks, for unattended applications in many sectors: Retail, Hospitality, Aviation, Public Transport, Entertainment, Lottery & Betting.



A comprehensive software range consisting of apps, suites, tools, plug-ins and analytical tools. An entire team of internal software developers dedicated to the design, development and constant updating of the proposed solutions, advanced but always simple and intuitive.



Custom's support and after-sales services. Custom4U, the 24/7 portal where you can purchase licenses, implement upgrades and monitor products remotely. Custom Service Center, the capillary service network with dedicated contacts and tailor-made programmable services.



The largest and most comprehensive range of professional printing and scanning solutions on the market: ticket, receipt and label printers, also for OEM integrations; panel printers; Retail printers; telematic cash registers; PC POS; mobile computers and barcode scanners.


Mobile Printers

Portable printers for issuing receipts and labels on the move, ideal devices for logistics and delivery services. They print at high speed on both paper and peel-and-stick labels, are designed for outdoor work environments, and feature Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology®


Label Printers

Compact desktop label printers with industrial-grade and high performance features: also available with backlit LCD display and integrated keyboard. The devices come equipped with multiple communication ports, SD slot for data storage and real time clock application.


Barcode Scanners

A complete range of barcode readers, both 1D and 2D. From ergonomic, drop-resistant barcode scanners to compact, omnidirectional desktop presentation scanners, and finally to barcode reader kiosks designed for self-service kiosks and any OEM application.


Self Check-In Printers

Boarding pass and baggage tag printers for self check-in facilities: Compact, fast, equipped with highly reliable cutter and motorized stop to prevent the ticket from falling after cutting. They support linerless baggage tags and the VeryNotch mobile sensor.


Check-in Desk Printers

Robust, reliable and flexible printers for boarding passes and baggage tags: ideal also for small check-in desks, where space is a key issue, and designed for terminals with a high passenger volume per year. RFID and Ethernet interface are unique options.


Kiosk Receipt Printers

Ultra-compact receipt and ticket printers for kiosks and OEM integration. Flexible, robust and full-option products: suited to any type of kiosk, patented anti-jamming system and full opening cover for easier maintenance. A worldwide benchmark.


POS Terminals

AndroidTM and Windows® PC POS, all-in-one or touch screen type. Ultra thin, fast, compact, high-performance and with a modern and sleek design. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® integrated, large Hard Disk, also SSD type: the ideal solution for all retailers using the most advanced management software applications.


Ticketing Printers

Ticket, label and wristband printers, including color printers, for the transportation and event industries. Compact, flexible and robust hardware that results in dramatic cost reduction. High and fast performance with "on demand" customization and printing for minimum quantities.


Panel Printers

Panel, industrial impact and thermal printers with superior features: easy installation, universal mounting, easy paper loading, high print quality, numerous on-board interfaces, any language font available, and energy-efficient features to reduce power consumption.


Parking and Transportation systems

The system for parking, transportation and access control with an exclusive and unique technology. Ideal for any parking application with barcode tickets, thanks to its internal one/double-sided scanner for 2D barcode reading and simultaneous handling of up to 3 tickets.


Multifunction Print / Scan Systems

The printing and reading system designed for the lottery world. The combination of a high performance scanner for cards and betting slips and a high speed thermal printer equipped with stacker. A complete solution that scans, prints, and verifies game cards and betting slips.


POS Accessories

The accessories made by Custom take every need and context of the Retail world into account: drawers, customer-side LCD displays, touch monitors, transparent counter screens and compact, programmable keyboards for the point of sale. All set up for use with other Custom hardware.


Document Scanner

High-speed, color and duplex A4 and A6 scanners. The devices in the range, which are also compatible for integration with third-party applications, are ideal for documents and checks. The main target markets are the banking, industrial, transportation, gaming, logistics and retail ones.


Lottery Printers

Printers for lottery, gaming and betting solutions, with unique printing time performance. Robust and reliable devices, characterized by high quality and printing speed. USB interface, all international fonts on board, long-life printing head and numerous self-installing drivers available.


POS Printers

POS printers for receipts, coupons, kitchen orders, invoices and tickets for the Retail and Hospitality industry, with high performance and state of the art technology. Long-life printing head and cutter, numerous interfaces and optional equipment with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® modules.


Fiscal Printers

Fast and reliable telematic fiscal printers, approved for the "Lotteria degli Scontrini" (Receipt Lottery), remote firmware upgrade and ideal for the Retail market and application in franchising and large-scale retail trade. The Ethernet interface (provided as standard equipment) supports mobile communication and sales.


Digital Signage

A simple, fast and ultra-compact multimedia content management system. The device is capable of distributing videos, images and web pages to TVs/monitors with HDMI input in stores, supermarkets, betting stores, public transport, cinemas, travel agencies and real estate agencies.