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This site use only analytics and technical cookies.

In accordance with the regulation no. 229 dated 8th May 2014 about the Ombudsman for Protection of Personal Data for the installation of technical cookies, the user's consent is not required (art. 13 of the Privacy Code).

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Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies, also of third parties.

The cookies used in this website are included in the categories described here below; further information are available in the page called "Data and personal data handling" of the Privacy Policy. If you go on surfing, you will give your consent to the usage of cookies.
You can disable the cookies in your browser whenever you want. This operation may limit some features related to the surfing inside the website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are automatically saved on the users' devices inside the browser. They contain basic information related to the internet surfing and, thanks to browsers, are recognized each time that the user visits the website.

How to disable cookies from browsers
Internet Explorer
Click on "Tools" and then on "Internet Options". In Privacy, block or consent cookies, then save the new settings by clicking on "OK".

Select "Preferences" inthe "Firefox" menu of the browser. Then click on "Privacy", select or deselect "Traceability", or - in "Chronology" - select "Chronology", "Delete Chronology" or "Remove single cookies" saving mode. Then save the change by clicking on "OK".

Google Chrome
Click on the "Chrome" menu in the toolbar of your browser. Select "Settings", then "Show advanced settings". In the "Privacy" section, select "Contents settings", then select your favourite handling mode from the "Cookie" section. Click on "End" to save the changes.

In the browser, select "Safari" and then "Preferences". In the window that you will display, select "Privacy" and then choose the option that you want in the section called "Cookies and websites data".

Cookies management

Technical Cookies

Activities needed for a proper working
This kind of cookies has a technical nature, and allows the website to properly work. In example, they keep the user connected during his surfing, if the access is made through authentication, avoiding that the access credentials are needed for each page during the surfing.

Saving preferences
This kind of cookies allows to track the preferences selected by the user during his surfing, such as the language setting.

Statistical Activities and Audience Measurement

This kind of cookies helps to understand, through anonymous and consolidated data collection, how the users interact with our websites, supplying us information related to the surfing sections, the time spent on the website and possible corruptions. This helps to improve the goals of the websites.

Third party profiling cookies
In the website, we use several suppliers that can install cookies for the proper working of the services they are offering. If you want to know more about these cookies and the way to disable them, please click on the links listed here below.

Technical cookies for the proper working of the services offered by third parties
Google Maps > Virtual Tour: web component > Technical cookie strictly needed (name of the cookie: khcookie) > privacy policy

Statistical cookies and Third parties audience Measurement cookies
These cookies (third parties web services) supply anonymous/consolidated information about the way visitors surf the website. Please find here below the links to their privacy policy pages.

Google > Google Analytics: statistics system > Analytic cookies
(nome del cookie: khcookie) > privacy policy

Google > Google Adword Campaigns conversions counting > Conversion cookies > privacy policy

Social Media Sharing cookies

These third parties cookies are used to integrate some spread features of the main social media and to supply them inside the website. If this is the case, they allow the registration and the authentication to the website, the sharing and the comments of pages of the website on social networks, and enable "Like" functionalities on Facebook. Please find here below the link to their Privacy Policy pages.

Facebook > social media > privacy policy