The Custom Solutions suite has the answer, with complete solutions consisting of hardware, software and service.
Custom Solutions can help you identify and acquire the strategic informations you need to guide your business efficiently and effectively, at any time.

Innovating means making technology easier to use, improving our daily lives

Carlo Stradi

img_Retail & Hospitality

Retail & Hospitality

A combination of hardware, software and services allow Custom’s retail solutions to support all business activities across the board.

img_Self-payment & Kiosk

Self-payment & Kiosk

In a world where self-service is growing, Custom’s kiosk printers represent the ideal solution for self-payment kiosks for a variety of different sectors.

img_Aviation & Public Transport

Aviation & Public Transport

From luggage labels to boarding cards and self-service ticketing, Custom’s solutions can be found in some of the world’s most important airports.



Thanks to decades of experience in the design of medical instruments with on-demand solutions and integrated print-scan-reading systems, Custom is capable of meeting a variety of needs in the Healthcare sector.



When it comes to parking payment terminals, Custom can provide top-quality, efficient printers for ticket issuing and printing.

img_Warehouse, Logistics, & Postal

Warehouse, Logistics, & Postal

Custom is the perfect partner for the logistics industry, thanks to its full range of simple solutions for label-printing, barcode scanning, and processes monitoring.



Cinemas, theatres, stadiums, conference centres and trade fairs: Custom offers a wide range of solutions for event ticketing.

img_Gaming, Lottery, and Betting

Gaming, Lottery, and Betting

Custom is the ideal partner for all betting shop and lottery sector operators, thanks to its wide range of solutions.



Custom is a point of reference in the industrial sector, thanks to its ability to satisfy its customers’ specific needs.

img_Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Self-service solutions for cash management and payments, maximum security and durable indoor and outdoor machines