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Custom solutions focus on safety, with the aim of preventing errors and minimizing waste. Our print-scan-reading systems are integrated solutions that meet the different needs of the healthcare ecosystem: from the production and distribution of drugs and medical devices, to the hospital-based management of all phases of patient care (acceptance and access control, lane, laboratories, pharmacy and internal logistics). Thanks to a highly technological approach that focuses on automation and digitization of processes and resources, Custom solutions will allow you to continually monitor the activities and maintain safety conditions within the facilities involved.



We are unwaveringly committed to promoting safe, efficient public services

We offer numerous solutions to help healthcare professionals work better under pressure, be it at the counter, in the back office or when managing logistics


Hospitals and clinics

We only have one goal in mind: ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare professionals

We offer a wide range of solutions to guide you through the healthcare process

Hospitals and clinics

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