Custom today

Custom integrates skills, know-how and technology based on hardware and software platforms and pre and post-sale services.
It is truly a Hi-Tech Solutions Company, dedicated to vertical and specialized markets.
Founded in Parma, Italy in 1992 by Carlo Stradi and Alberto Campanini, every year Custom reinvests in technology, innovation and resources so it is always one step ahead of the market’s needs.


Technology for all

The goal of continuing investments in technology, human resources and ongoing research is to offer integrated solutions and value-added services to meet our partners’ needs, while also supporting them with multi-industry solutions. The Custom Group’s technology allows current and future challenges to be met in the best possible way, not just through a product that partially meets a need, but with truly dedicated solutions, created while also taking latent requirements into consideration.
An approach that requires internal planning and management of all actions required for the creation, distribution and installation of solutions.


Innovative every day, in the simplest way

To innovate means simplifying processes by means of technology and creating hardware, software as well as pre-sales and aftersales services worldwide. In a context that requires the use of large quantities of data, speed, security and energy are the strategic levers on which our work depends. We have to adopt a cross-sectoral mindset, combining various different skills in synergy. Providing unique benefits and advantages without neglecting information security is an integral part of our corporate outlook.


We believe in people

We transform enthusiasm, courage, ethics, professionalism and time to market into solutions oriented toward a sustainable, environmentally friendly future. We believe in the human worth of our team members, who work every day to achieve new breakthroughs.

The “digital future” will no longer be a defining feature. It will be the minimum requirement needed to be competitive.

from 1992 to 2023

  1. Panel printer

    Custom Engineering was born

  2. Interconnected printer on LAN

    Industrial Business Unit

  3. Kiosk printer

  4. 60 mm table printer

    Development of core business

  5. Custom made printing mechanism

  6. Bluetooth®

    Retail Business Unit

  7. Cash register with operating system

    Fiscal Business Unit

  8. Introduction of the eletronic journal


  9. Anti-jamming for kiosk printer

  10. Gaming Business Unit

  11. Remote monitoring system

    Custom Production Europe was born

  12. Veriprint®

    System Retail was born

  13. Ticketing Business Unit

  14. Modular checkout system

    Fasy acquisition

  15. RFID module integrated in the printers


    RITTY Portal

    Multi bin system for ticketing

    Aviation Business Unit

  16. K3 the fastest POS printers

    Custom America was born

  17. Printer with CIS image sensor

    Bizeta, Maxima and Netrising acquisition

    Custom GmbH was born

  18. Device for the complete management of parking


    Custom Power Tool


    B2C Business Unit

  19. Wearable multi-scan scanning system

  20. 25th year of Custom

    Service Center Custom

  21. Color scanner with USB 3.0 interface

    Nitere, Italiana Macchi, Zenith, POSX and Mynt acquisition

    Custom Brasil was born

  22. Color printer

    Custom India was born

  23. Data Capture Solutions

    Corporate Governance group

  24. Touch scales, PCs and kiosks

    Amtek acquisition

  25. 30th year of Custom

    Simpligi acquisition

  26. Digital interaction technologies and software

    Touchwindow acquisition (Netrising)

Custom numbers

Solutions that support ideas

Software developers working in the office

Innovation starts with research

An indispensable staff of engineers, technicians and developers who work to invent and design hardware, software and service solutions. Nowadays, working with technology means paying careful attention to the world around us, to better understand a context and a scenario, in order to find a unique solution that provides innovation, improvement and flexibility.

Person working from a laptop

Dedicated applications, suites and platforms

Behind every Custom Group software solution, there is a team of qualified, expert developers who carry out an in-depth analysis of the complex nature of each industry’s operations. These expert developers then process, translate and code it into computer languages, to create vertical software specifically designed to be implemented in different markets.

Particles forming a DNA helix

Taylor made solutions

Custom means customization capability, it's inside our DNA. We develop fully customized ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) products for some of the most important international companies.

Person browsing the Custom4U web portal

Global assistance network

The Custom Group uses a highly specialized service network to support all its customers around the world, with dedicated logistics and operating centers and technological tools that offer real-time support, such as the Custom4U portal and service apps.


Custom has a network of highly specialized and trained partners to offer high value-added solutions based on Custom’s technologies. A new channel program, CUSTOM4PARTNER, was launched to share skills and values with the most innovative companies on the market.

Custom 4 Partner
Innovation means making technology that is user-friendly, easily accessible to all and that makes everyday life easier.
Carlo Stradi