Excitement, passion for challenges, sacrifice, sport values as way of life to face the daily routine are the common values between Custom and LCR Honda Team, today together for the 2020 World Championship Moto GP. Speed, technology and energy are the strategic tools that represent the basis of our work.

Carlo Stradi

30 years of sport and passion

The sacrifice, the tenacity, the teamwork to achieve a common goal, the concentration to reach a goal and the responsibility to take a risk, often putting into play much more than pride. Sport encompasses many meanings, from the game that unites the challenge against oneself and one's limits; infinite facets that have always been reflected in Custom's philosophy and are the basis of the vision of all business units. Custom has long chosen this communication tool intended as a strategy able to amplify and enhance the Group's visibility and business opportunities. Communicate through sports sponsorships intended as a media capable of thrilling by creating a personalized and bi-directional dialogue. Not just brand awareness, but integrated communication and Custom Experience.