Parma (ITALY) January 2013: Custom is the official supplier of printing systems for Ingenico Group, an international company operating mainly in the financial sector, offering terminals capable of handling any type of payment transaction using credit cards and debit cards, for shops and retail outlets.
Custom, has been collaborating with Ingenico to develop an extremely practical and innovative integrated "Mobile" payment system. The system integrates the potential of Ingenico's "iSMP" mobile device for electronic payments with one of Custom's most innovative mini portable printers: the MY PRINTER BT.


Thanks to Bluetooth® technology, the MY PRINTER BT can print by connecting
directly to the Ingenico terminal. It's also ultra‐lightweight (weighing just 205 g.)
and, despite being extremely compact, is capable of producing up to 30 metres of
printed paper.
The MY PRINTER BT's capabilities integrate seamlessly with iSMP, which uses the Custom printer to transform ordinary smartphones into secure payment terminals capable of accepting any type of payment card currently available. This combination allows for the payments performed via the Apps to be managed through the smartphone's interface, combining everything within a single portable device.
The integration of these two devices gives rise to countless possibilities. Firstly, they're ideal for outdoor business activities, such as deliveries, home care services, public transportation and use by business professionals, as well as any time an agent carries a smartphone for the purpose of carrying out managerial functions.
Furthermore, the MY PRINTER BT and iSMP units can be perfectly adapted for use with in‐store sales whenever the clerks carry telephones of the latest generation integrated with the local network and utilized as sales aides: this is often the case for the management of temporary or seasonal shops, the organization of sales by dedicated corners or by product types, or wherever queue busting is a considered to be a priority.
To date, Custom has supplied Ingenico Australia with over 6,000 MY PRINTER units to be integrated with iSMP terminals.

Published on 10/01/2013 in Case History


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