Custom and Tomra - a story of success

VKP80III: Reverse Vending, the future of recycling starts with taking back empties


A story of success

The presence of an efficient reverse vending machine in stores will increasing become a guarantee of success. The return of cans and bottles is now a highly appreciated daily practice in the countries of central and northern Europe. Each time you buy a packaged drink, you pay a small surcharge, which is given back to you when you return the used container.


It is not difficult, therefore, to understand how automated return systems for recycling remain constantly in operation. That is why Tomra, the world leader in the industry, with a 70% market share, has chosen Custom’s reliable VKP80III as the receipt printer to use with its devices. The kiosk printer has left its mark on the global market, becoming a reference point for the self- service sector.



Reverse vending for the collection and recycling of cans and bottles is already an established phenomenon in various parts of Europe. In Scandinavia, for example, a supermarket cannot sell drinks unless it has installed an empty pick-up depot in its car park or outside of its premises. This policy, together with the security deposit added as a surcharge each time you buy a packaged drink, has led to impressive rates of return: 85% in Sweden and even 90% in Norway.

Other countries, however, are no less committed to this virtuous race to recycle as much as possible. Germany has already achieved a collection rate of 90%, while Scotland aims to have the same number of reverse vending machines as Scandinavia by 2022. And it is in the Scandinavian peninsula, in Norway to be precise, that Tomra has its headquarters.

As mentioned, the company is the undisputed world leader in the sector, with over 82,000 systems installed in more than 60 markets. Tomra supplies the leading local retailers in all the countries where it operates. This presence is bound to grow even stronger as EU legislation is requiring its members to collect 77% of plastic bottles by 2025 and 90% by 2029. In short, a practice that currently involves only a few States is destined to become a common habit throughout the continent.


The challenge

In countries where reverse vending is the norm, a machine for collecting the containers must be constantly in operation. If it were to go out of service for even a few hours, the supermarket where it is installed would suffer serious damage. Not only would customers not be able to unload the bulky packages they bring with them; they would also not be able to collect their receipts. These are valuable documents, as they entitle you to get back the deposits paid each time you bought a drink.

In short, store-goers expect to find a reverse vending machine that is always working. Otherwise they would lose confidence in the store and be unwilling to return to it in the future. It is vital, above all, that the system encounters no problems in issuing the receipt, which, as we have seen, is essential in order to recover the deposit paid.

Therefore, Custom has to equip Tomra’s machines with a reliable, efficient, jam-proof receipt printer with a highly durable printing head and rolls of paper that are practical replace. All these features are included in the compact and flexible VKP80III kiosk printer.


The Solution

At Custom, we have always studied the market carefully and listened to it closely. With 12 technology companies and 680 professionals, the Group can rely on diverse but synergistic expertise, combining know-how and skills that meet the needs of numerous vertical markets. We have always paid notable attention to the world of self-payment and info kiosks.

Custom offers a wide range of fast and reliable printers that can be integrated into solutions for issuing receipts and tickets. The offer includes kiosk printers, self-service printers, ATM printers, ticket dispensers and OEM scanners. These devices combine state-of-the-art technology with high print quality: they are also flexible enough to be integrated in the most modern kiosks, which are typically narrow and increasingly small.

The VKP80III, the solution provided to Tomra, is no exception. The world’s best-selling kiosk printer, a benchmark in over 70 countries, is robust and offers a wealth of features, with a high- performance processor and a long-lasting printing head. It adapts to any type of kiosk, thanks to its adjustable roll holder and loading from either side. The VKP80III also comes complete with a patented anti-jamming system, featuring an exclusive shutter that prevents internal decline and failures due to vandalism: it is perfect for outdoor use and for reducing on-site technical support calls.

The cutter continues working efficiently for over 1,000,000 cuts, while the printing head guarantees a service life of 200 km. The device is completed by an outdoor operating temperature range from -20° to +70° and a printing speed of over 1,000 mm/s. This set of features and functions can be summed up in a few simple concepts: reliability, efficiency and long life.


Custom is present in more than 70 countries worldwide with made-to-measure solutions and cutting-edge products: discover them on our site!


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Published on 14/12/2020 in Case History


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