Custom and Banco Nacion Argentina

TG2480 H

Parma (ITALY), March 2013 ‐ New important business for CUSTOM in Argentina, thanks to the cooperation with our local branch office Custom Argentina: the TG2480H printer has been included in the queue management systems of the first national Argentinian bank, Banco Nacion Argentina, in nearly 350 branches throughout the Country. The queue management systems help the bank to avoid chaos and misunderstandings inside the branches: when a customer enters, he has to take a numbered ticket from a kiosk. Custom's TG2480H printer allows the printing of the tickets on a 80 mm wide paper to ensure excellent quality. The printing speed higher than 150mm/sec and the patented anti‐jamming system areessential to guarantee the successful ticket printout. The multi‐position paper roll makes the printer extremely adaptable to any kind of kiosk. Another new, exciting use of a Custom product in the Argentinian market involves the "Duty Free" company, which manages 6 free shops in Argentinian airports : our MiniPlayer is used in the duty‐free areas to manage dynamic advertising through LCD screens. Last but not least, Custom's TG2460H and TG2480H are installed in many self‐service
kiosks for bus tickets: through these kiosk the customer chooses its travel, pays with a Mifare prepaid card called "S.U.B.E." and the TG printers print the ticket/receipt. CUSTOM offers a variety of solutions for many markets and applications.

Published on 01/09/2011 in Case History


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