The technology that improves the warehouse management


The management of warehouse and logistics is a key component of the business activities. There are several systems developed in time, both for software and hardware. 
Custom Self-Service/Industrial division offers highly innovative technological solutions, designed specifically to facilitate the daily management procedures thanks to their use in mobility. 
Flexible Way: working flexibly and with full autonomy in terms of moving is the path to manage in the best way the several complexities and is Custom's choice. These are the main solutions thought to innovate and optimize the warehouse management:


The MULTI SCAN device integrates in only one tool, ultracompact and portable, 4 different kinds of scanning: 1D and 2D Imager barcode reading; NCR / RFID tags reading; OCR-B code scanning and, finally, images scanning.
This latest features transforms the device in a camera able to take pictures transforming them into scanned documents: you will only have to activate the photo mode and push the button on the device. It's an exclusive features that makes MULTI SCAN a highly flexible tool, able to meet the needs of all those sectors where security is at the first place.


Custom ha recently launched the new Ranger 2.0 palmtop, a rugged device with IP68 standard certification, resistant to shocks, water and dust, made for outdoor applications and to manage heavy workloads.
Ranger 2.0 uses Android? operating system and, thanks to this, is so flexible with the applications combined with it, keeping its ease-of-use. 
With a NFC contactless reader, two cameras and a 1D and 2D scanner, Ranger 2.0 is able to read in mobility both mono-dimensional and bi-dimensional (QR-codes) barcodes, ensuring very high performances while capturing mobility barcodes.
The data can be picked up also through now obsolete IrDA ports, but since that they are often used they are compatible with the tools on the market, and the 4300mAh battery ensures the resistance to a daily workload, making it a reliable tool under any point of view.
Ranger 2.0 is different from the devices on the market thanks to its high flexibility. Among its exclusive features, there is the possibility to communicate, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, with a portable thermal printer to print report in real time.Furthermore, Ranger 2.0 enables to load your own corporate software, a feature that makes it a top product, designed for complex companies that need to have their database always with the operator.

The mobile printers of My range

My Printer A and MY3 A mini portable hi-tech printers offers ultra light and compact design. They have a high printing autonomy and a speed that make the product perfect for professionals. 
Furthermore, thanks to the wireless Bluetooth® technology, My range prints from iOS, Android? and Windows Phone 8 phones.

Published on 04/08/2017 in Technological Innovations