A tool for a complete, easy and quick management of your printer

PrinterSet allows to manage fonts and logos, to update the firmware and setup your Custom printer. In a single tool many features for a complete, easy and fast printer management. With PrinterSet is possible to setup the functioning parameters of Custom printers. With this tool the user will no longer have troubles in creating a single file able to include the different SW customizations and send them to the printer through the interface for an easy and fast set up (ideal for production).

Thanks to the internal font editor, it is possible to change and customize the fonts for a perfect printout. You can update the logos inside your printer with a simple drag&drop. It is also possible to change your images directly from PrinterSet thanks to the simple but effective graphic editor included in the software. PrinterSet allows also to remotely update the printer's firmware to benefit from the latest features released by Custom. 

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