SOTI MobiControl

Custom is pleased to announce the availability of SOTI MobiControl for the P-RANGER and K-RANGER mobile computer series.

SOTI MobiControl is a mobility management solution that ensures physical asset tracking, application and content management, as well as device and data protection.
SOTI MobiControl simplifies mobility management and security thanks to a multi-purpose mobility ecosystem, all through a single, easy-to-use interface.


Specifically, SOTI MobiControl enables:

  • Remote control of certified devices that can be activated on any html5 web browser, including browsers on smartphones and tablets even with poor network connectivity.
  • Use of devices configured in accordance with corporate mobility policies.
  • Administrators to prevent the installation of unauthorized applications and malware, by checking exactly what can or cannot be installed on the device.
  • Reducing operator downtime.
  • Use of built-in productivity tools, remote support capabilities, file sync and chat to help resolve device or application problems quickly.
  • Use of the full mobile suite and application management tools to enhance business.
  • Use of the SOTI Hub to protect content on the device and SOTI Surf for secure mobile navigation.


Discover more about the P-RANGER and K-RANGER mobile computer series. Click here to go to the SOTI MobiControl marketplace.

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Published on 07/04/2020 in Products news


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