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Custom Group joined forces with their esteemed Greek partner Diginet to host an exclusive event showcasing their latest cutting-edge solutions for different markets.


Many news outlets brought the event visibilty: read all the features here.


Technology Report Cyprus: click here.


Greek Technology Post: click here.


Athens News Today: click here.


Industry Chronicle Greece: click here.


Industry Press Cyprus: click here.


Entertainment World Greece: click here.


Greece Press Daily: click here.


Nicosia Daily: click here.


Cyprus News Network: click here.


The Cyprus Tribune: click here.


Cyprus weekender: click here.


Sci-Tech Europe: click here.


International Tech Times: click here.


Food & Beverages Industry Gazette: click here.


Global Food & Beverage Times: click here.


Food Industry Review: click here.


Food & Beverage Times: click here.


Global Food Industry Watch: click here.


Food & Beverage News Network: click here.


Published on 24/05/2023 in Press Review


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