CUSTOM among the 120 Small-Medium Businesses of Excellence selected by “Imprese Vincenti”

Custom participated to the final event that led to the selection of the 120 “Winning Companies” capable of growing and strengthening their national and international market presence with performance and profitability indexes above the average in the last three years. 

The event was attended by the Chairman of Confindustria, Vincenzo Boccia as well as the Chairman and CEO of Moncler, Remo Ruffini and by the Director of the “Banca dei Territori Intesa Sanpaolo”, Stefano Barrese.
"We share this important achievement with all the 650 employees who work very hard every day to meet the market needs. Humility, passion, determination and high professionalism are the core of our work and we believe that this approach is rewarding the whole Group. We started a strengthening process of our recent acquisitions and simultaneously a strengthening of the international expansion through a series of new Global distribution channels," said Carlo Stradi, Custom’s President & CEO. 
The event was also attended by Alberto Campanini, Custom’s Technical Director & CTO; Paola Grisenti, Custom’s CFO and Alessandro Mastropasqua, Custom’s Communication Manager.


>> Watch the ANSA interview to Carlo Stradi, Custom’s President & CEO. Click here to watch.


>> Watch the video of the “Imprese Vincenti” event. Click here to watch.

Published on 18/09/2019 in Press Review


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