Custom protagonist of the 2023 Monza GP

Custom S.p.A., with the support of SAT ELETTRONICA, has developed an innovative high-performance set-up to upgrade the cash registers at the Italian Grand Prix 2023, introducing new solutions tailored to the needs of the race weekend. The proposed set-up included features such as real-time monitoring of food and beverage supply, a multiple release stub in order to separate orders into seperate receipts, and emulation of exchange amounts upon payment to avoid errors.

A focus on speed, service and customization, with the aim of improving customer experience during the event. This installation was, among other things, the introduction to an important innovation: the Group is in fact going to strenghten even more the bond between Custom and engines thanks to the future PC POS ranges, called "Monza" and "Imola".

Download the attached press release.

Published on 30/08/2023 in Press releases


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