Custom Fiscal Solutions: aligned with the German tax reform

Custom cash registers are already aligned with the new tax law in Germany.

The Cash Security Act, or KassenSichV, will be entering into force soon. Legislation to protect cash registers from tampering has already been passed in many European countries. These laws are designed to prevent tax evasion by preventing the removal or manipulation of basic digital documents once and for all.


Germany has now also adopted a regulatory tool in line with these objectives. In order to properly operate with the new regulation, the cash registers must have a certified technical security device, the so-called "TSE", thus complying with KassenSichV. In the hotel and restaurant sector, for example, all users of digital cash register systems and businesses subject to cash register requirements are affected.


Custom's ECR devices already meet the new legislation requirements. The products in our range allow the TSE, approved by Swissbit, to be fully managed for the German market. The TSE Swissbit is also provided on board, along with 36 month warranty.


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Published on 20/12/2021 in News


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