2020-2022: Expansion

Despite an increasingly complex global environment, Custom continues to expand in two directions: on the one hand through the acquisition of new companies, and on the other through the launch of innovative products. 


The Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 proved to be one of the most complicated years in recent history. Nevertheless, Custom was able to cope with this challenging time and provide new solutions to respond to an abruptly and radically changed environment: across the entire Data Capture range, to support the exponential growth of e-commerce logistics, and Netrising's Delivera, a delivery and takeaway App designed for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

The new channel program CUSTOM4PARTNER was also launched, to create a specialized network with high added value.

The numbers rewarded the Group, which won the prestigious "Deloitte Best Managed Companies” award for the second time in a row.

The year ended on a high note, with the creation of a TV ad for the Receipt lottery, which was aired on the main Mediaset networks.



Entry into the world of "self-service"

The so-called "new normal" state has brought about a profound change in the business world: now self-service is no longer an option, but a necessity. So Custom acquired Amtek S.r.l., a company specializing in the production of vending machines, lockers and kiosks.

From this collaboration have come innovative products such as GREENMATE, the kiosk solution for Green Pass control, and Mate Up, the complete self-order kiosk for catering.

Meanwhile, the new partner channel program was consolidated in the France, Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe territories.

At the end of 2021, the Group received the Deloitte award for the third consecutive year.


30 years of tech innovation

Despite the global situation being incredibly complex, Custom knows how to overcome these difficult times. A Digital Future is no longer a distinctive feature, but a mere requisite in order to be competitive in the market.

This year, we launched two brand-new softwares that would accommodate the needs of different markets. Keep Up Pro, the restaurant management program and ID-Store, the mobile software designed for warehouse and logistics management in the Retail sector.

This digital evolution was amplified even more following the acquisition of Simpligi, a company that develops payment system technologies.

During these important developments, the Group also celebrated its 30-year anniversary on June 30th.