Research and development

Research and development activities 

For CUSTOM, innovation is born from research. The Group is engaged in constant research and development, aimed atexpanding its product range and continuously improving its technologies and their application, in order to offer the package of tools defined as the "solution”.  

This process involves sectors in which the Group has always been present, such as retail, hospitality and manufacturing, as well as new business opportunities in diverse contexts, such as software implementation, service automation and data management. This diversification has led to the emergence of new, complementary solutions that are constantly growing and evolving. 

The selection, evaluation and implementation of each project is done through a structured "stage and gate" process involving all the professionals engaged in each phase, fromthe initial concept toentry into production. This up-to-the-minute project management technique allows detailed analysis of resources, risks, and forecasts in order to determine the best course of action in the development of a new product. 

The CUSTOM Group protects its know-how through the registration of a growing number of patents, which now number more than 30. The facility has a staff of more than 250 engineers, technicians and developers engaged in increasingly advanced technological challenges. 

CUSTOM technological innovations over the years: some examples

Bluetooth® printers

CUSTOM was ahead of its time when it introduced Bluetooth® in its printers in 2001, with the launch of S'PRINT. This was well before such technology became the widely used standard we know today. 

VKP80 Family 

Launched in 2003, the VKP80 family changed the self-service world forever. This top-selling, highly imitated kiosk printer, so innovative that it has become a worldwide best-seller, is already in its third generation as a product. 


Back in 2004, our Group designed and patented an anti-jamming system for kiosk printers. Thanks to this, even if the ticket is pulled before it is cut, the printer continues to work without jamming. 

Remote monitoring 

In 2006, a remote monitoring system was introduced for CUSTOM printers with Ethernet interfaces. This important innovation, totally ahead of its time, enables us to know the health status of our devices in real time. 


In 2007 CUSTOM patented VeriPrint®, its innovative anti-fraud technology. This hardware and software solution automatically digitizes printer tickets to prevent printing problems and counterfeiting. It is ideal for the aviation, public transport and lottery sectors. 

Multi Bin

Developed in 2010, this system caters to sectors such as public transportation and aviation, where check-in counters are small and various types of tickets need to be printed with a single device. Multi Bin provides up to 3 different input blocks and 3 separate outputs. 

Green Solutions: linerfree printing and energy saving technology 

CUSTOM devices are increasingly geared toward environmental protection. Linerfree printing, for example, reduces waste by eliminating siliconized backing and provides greater autonomy, with 40% more material than a regular roll. Our solutions also incorporate energy saving technology so that they do not consume any power when not in use.