What influences purchasing decisions?


Sometimes, find the best solutions among many possibilities makes the research difficult and unproductive. Nowadays, we are well-informed, skeptical and incisive, but omniscience is still a mirage, and orienting our own purchasing choice inside an unknown universe may be not so immediate.

In this digital age, the key tool of decision behavior that is achieving resounding success is the one related to online reviews: according to a project made by Dimensional Research, 90% of customers choice on the basis of online reviews, and 58% among them is more likely to share their experiences on the web.

Customers reviews that have been shared online contribute in an increasingly crucial way to the purchasing choice, but they are not the only ones to do it.

The quality of the product remains a key factor, even if we prefer something unknown for us to establish it, someone who tested the product and shared his experience online, rather than listening to what the brand itself tells customers.

Sensitivity, on which companies can work with an image or a message able to create emotions for the customer, represents another incisive aspect since it is linked to subconscious and to the attitude of making choices easily if they are based on feelings.

Finally, cognitive fluency: people are definitely more likely to choose something that is familiar or easy to understand. So, if they had a positive experience, the chance that they will repeat it is much more higher than the willing to risk losing time by looking for something new, especially if they do not understand it immediately.

And this latest concept, that means making the choice easier by simplifying its understanding, inspired the development of Custom Configurator: a function belonging to Custom website that, in a few simple steps, allows the user to surf through Custom's world, automatically choosing the most suitable systems for the needs of the customer.

You don't need to be an expert of technical details, you will have to be aware of your own needs to find out the ideal Custom product. And the customer is the only one that best knows the needs that the desired solution should meet.

Custom Configurator is based on a simple guided path:

1.For first, the user will be asked to identify in a drop-down list the field of his business. This choice will lead to a first skimming and goes on in different ways according to each sector;

2.The second step goes deep and guides the customer choosing the application that he's looking for, the kind of product or the interface. Technical details are not needed: they are part of the suggestions to the user, in order to assist him with his research;

3.The final solution corresponds to a unique product suggestion, described in a complete and details sheet with its specific features;

4.Moreover, the Configurator system is able to recommend the products that are similar to the result of the research, allowing the view of the direct comparison among the technical data sheets.

Try it! Now the choice of the Custom product that meet your needs is simpler.

Published on 07/04/2016 in Trends & Markets