Not only hardware: Custom software


"Working closely with our clients, we realized early that we were only offering part of the service they needed. We therefore started investing in software and services". 
This is how Carlo Stradi, Custom S.p.A. President and CEO, interviewed by - Tecnologia e Impresa, sums up the evolution of Custom S.p.A. offer. Today, after 25 years, Custom is able to offer its customers comprehensive and multilayer solutions, designed to meet the needs of the vertical markets served by the 6 corporate business units, integrating hardware, software and services.



The innovative PosA software is an Android App designed for the latest generation cash points, to issue fiscal receipts and/or invoices, and simplify the management of Retail, Food and Hospitality daily activities. 
The intuitive and customizable graphic interface of the views and the enviable range of functions made PosA the ideal tool to simplify and speed up the whole management of the store, improving the performances of the operator, the point of sale, the organization of the several departments and the discounts, including also the customer's purchasing experience. 
Moreover, the App is the key tool for evolved food service and tobacco shops. Among its functions, it helps with the payment allowing the direct use of the palmtop, giving also the possibility to prepare the partial bill at the table. It's possible to manage more production centers on a fiscal printer only and add a negative variation with its price. The order layout is fully programmable and customizable. With reference to tobacco shops, PosA is a valid support: in addition to the warehouse management, it allows the price list automatic upgrade, the order automatic filling with e-mail sending, purchase and turnover data extraction per period and Scratch and Win management, both for the sales and for the winnings payment management.

KoM - Kitchen Order Manager

KoM is the new App dedicated to order management in the food service market, the perfect complement to the functions of PosA.
By installing it on Custom Android palmtops, you can easily manage several activities, such as the order collection at the table, cancellations, "follow and go" and the operators management. Moreover, communicating through a Wi-Fi connection with the FUSION ANDROID PC POS and any connected printers, the KoM app simplifies and organizes the waiter's activities in the best way possible.

ECR Software

The ECR software has been developed by CUSTOM for its cash systems with the aim of speed up the sales management, with the maximum accuracy.
Thanks to its flexibility and efficiency, the ECR software is able to support the operator during all the daily steps, offering an unrivaled ease of use and a fully customizable interface. 

VISION Commerce Suite by Bizeta Retail Solutions

Bizeta Retail Solutions, company belonging to Custom Group, has always offered winning solutions for luxury retailers.
VISION Commerce Suite is a great example: flexible and scalable omni-channel solutions, designed to satisfy Fashion and Luxury markets, in any format and across the world. 
VISION Commerce Suite modules help involving customers efficiently and support the management and the operating control of the whole Retail company.

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EVO by System Retail

EVO is the software solution for the simple, reliable and fast management of checkouts and the whole point of sale. 
Installable on any cash point, with prior certification, EVO is a comprehensive and advanced front-end that offers numerous benefits for every player in the sales chain of large-scale distributors and in any phase of the management, including the ones related to the installation of checkouts, after-sales and support. The standard languages used for its development allow maximum modularity and adaptability to the specific needs of markets and customers.

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Suite Gshop by Maxima

Gshop suite is the software solution for Maxima Fashion Retail world, dedicated to the management and monitoring of sales activities in one or more than one store, or even large International Retail chains. 
Gshop Suite offers a series of modules that help in the management of specific sectors which are strategic in today's economy: e-commerce, the dissemination of information to the customers, the balance between warehouses and store, the Business Intelligence, the data collection from the selves, and much more. The reference product for the Gshop Suite is the business ERP Gshop: it is the most comprehensive solution for SMEs, designed to enable you to take control of your IT with a single software product. The system is constantly evolving to be increasingly in line with market needs, new technologies and customer requirements.

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Apps and web solutions by Netrising

Netrising, company belonging to Custom Group, designs and produces Apps and web solutions for Ho.Re.Ca. and Retail markets: 
Business App: the iOS and Android application that talks about your company;
Self-Order: the module dedicated to the Food sector for orders made at home or at the table;
Booking: the module to manage - with one click only - the booking of services and spaces; 
Fidelity: a tool able to simplify loyalty procedures;
FastEat: the online menu translated in 15 languages, for hotels and restaurants.
"(...) We also saw an important evolution: we passed from applications developed to surprise the customer to the actual ones, useful and fully operating, that allow you to book a restaurant table, up to the most business-oriented ones, like the recent app that we developed for the Austrian railways (...)".

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OneStore is the "coming soon" news: the retail software which automatically integrates with your hardware, growing your business and taking you towards the future.
The software is still being tested by an important brand belonging to Fashion and Retail in Milan, but OneStore will be available on the market soon: it took 3 years to develop and realize a super-software born from the real needs of retailers, analyzed by Custom Group in these 25 years of work on the field.
OneStore "will be multichannel, multilingual, multidevice (it will work on smartphones, PCS, cash registers)" - as Stradi told. "It will be fully customizable, easy to use (no computer technicians required) and will not require continuous investments of resources in maintenance, updating and security, because it will be hosted on the cloud". 
"One Store is the realization of a dream, the dream of the retailers we've spoken with over the years, who told us what they really need for their business. It will represent the Retail 4.0 philosophy, which we arrived at after ten years of experience in the world of fashion, luxury goods and catering. Its user-friendly configuration is the natural expression of our philosophy, which enabled us to achieve our leading position by exploiting the synergies between our various businesses and mixing them together in a simple way".

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Published on 30/06/2017 in Technological Innovations