The digital age and the new relationship between Retailers and Consumers

The digital revolution is radically transforming the techniques and reasoning related to the retail sale of products or services, forcing to think over the relationship between retailer and final consumer.

An increasingly omnichannel retail supported by cutting-edge digital tools

The digitized and constantly evolving retail has been the topic of an online meeting of the cycle "Innovation Talk", organized by the technological innovation center ComoNExT. The meeting has outlined how, in the current panorama, the relationship between Traders and Consumers has been deeply transformed adopting omnichannel strategies and using advanced digital technologies. Innovations which have transformed the dynamics of interaction, making it more direct, interactive and personalized.

Easy access to new digital channels means that data could be collected to provide retailers with a more accurate understanding of customer preferences, allowing them to personalize offers and improve engagement and loyalty. Among the many innovations introduced, a particularly significant change has derived from the integration of consumer feedback in decision-making processes. This has created a symbiotic relationship, where buyers' responses have a direct impact on merchant’s offerings.

The technologies that are revolutionizing the trade sector

In this context, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality and the Internet of Things play crucial roles. AI in general (and Machine Learning in particular) allow Traders to analyze huge amounts of data on purchasing behavior, preferences and trends, ensuring unprecedented customization of the Customer experience. Augmented reality, in parallel, offers an immersive experience, allowing you to see how a product might look in a real environment. This not only improves the shopping experience, but also reduces the likelihood of returns, which are a great cost for retailers.

The Internet of Things has a significant impact on warehouse management and operational efficiency. In this perspective, data interchange plays a very important role; the collection and analysis of information from all points of contact with the customers allows retailers to build a detailed profile of shopping habits. Emerging technologies also help Merchants by integrating mobile self-scanning systems, improving logistic processes through automated picking systems and efficient inventory management.

The digital revolution according to Custom

An omnichannel approach, data analysis, improved shopping experience, artificial intelligence and optimal warehouse and logistics management are the subjects we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs. They have been the objectives and the basic characteristics of Custom software for years. From VISION Commerce Suite and Gemini to OneStore, from Retail Profit Protection to HYPERETAIL, our extensive software offering is fully aligned with the new digital age.

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Published on 24/06/2024 in Trends & Markets