The new logistics between efficiency and high service levels

The logistics is changing dramatically: on one side the companies have to increase the efficiency, on the other the customers are more and more demanding. Here are a number of solutions  that go along with these trends.

New productive systems and new market requests

The logistics, and in particular the warehouse, have endured a strong push to the change in order to adapt to the evolution of the productive systems and to the new demands of the market. On the one hand, customers require increasingly high levels of service (frequent deliveries, small orders, customizations); on the other, the company needs to reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of operations, with the aim of improving its competitiveness.

The clear decrease of delivery time ("lead time" of a single day, or even of some hours) makes it necessary to increase at the same time effectiveness and efficiency in the preparation of the orders. This is also possible thanks to the significant progress made by operators in the use of terminals, PDAs, mobile printers and "voice collect" systems.

The business logistics, therefore, must evolve and innovate acting on the following levers:

  • greater control and management of the devices in use;
  • revision of tools and equipment;
  • connection with database and data analysis.

Investments in technology: a necessary commitment

Consumer expectations are driving investments in reorganization projects, dedicated software and asset management technologies. In brief, the current scenario sees both manufacturing and distribution companies struggling with a continuous evolution.

It is known that global e-commerce sales should reach a value of 6.3 trillion dollars in 2024, starting from the 5.8 trillion already confirmed in 2023. This growth has naturally led to an increase in volumes, putting pressure on logistics companies to make deliveries faster and more efficient.

The benefits of this drive for change will be many. Consulting, automation and Information Technology could make error-free logistics processes possible and significantly increase productivity, service level and production yield.

Custom solutions: a complete range for logistics and warehouse

Custom Group has been studying and implementing the best solutions for years to accompany the impetuous growth of logistics. One of the most innovative is undoubtedly Smart Charge Locker, a product for housing and charging terminals designed to help manage digital devices in stores and all logistics areas: the ideal ally for IT managers, production and logistics managers, operators of service companies.

Other advanced and well-established solutions are MP Ranger, the portable printer for issuing mobile receipts and labels for logistics and delivery, and K-RANGER, the handheld computer with keyboard and 4G connection. In the field of software, we cannot but mention ID-Store, the mobile software for warehouse management and logistics in Retail.

Discover Custom’s commitment to transport, logistics and warehouse in our dedicated white paper!

Published on 15/03/2024 in Technological Innovations