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Today the Custom Group presents itself as a single player capable of managing all the Retailers' requirements. The new range on offer includes complete hardware and software solutions, and services for the pre and aftersales phases, ideal for giving Retailers the freedom to manage their core business worry-free.
A single Group, founded as an engineering concern more than 25 years ago, and which now encompasses all the different experiences, stories and products of 3 companies specialising in software: Bizeta Retail Solutions, Maxima and power2Retail. Different skills which, when combined to form a system, ensure the instant advantage of a well-structured, multi-sector range.
Technoretail has interviewed Alessandro Pedrazzi, Custom Retail Division Director, Andrea Preite, CEO of Bizeta Retail Solutions, and Giordano Iovine, CEO of power2Retail to find out more about the Custom Group from the point of view of the software solutions offered at international level: Talk Show


Listening to customers' needs and being able to take these needs and transform them into real solutions is a strong point of the Custom Group, which now, more than ever, is able to boast all-round, international experience, thanks to the synergetic work of all the companies in the group.
Internationality, Service, and Research&Development are the key words that guide the Group's new strategy:

Right now, Custom is operating in 68 countries worldwide and the Group's software companies, Bizeta Retail Solutions and power2Retail, in 57 and 29 respectively: an international presence which, when combined with the complete hardware-software-service range and multi-sector know-how, makes the Custom Group an ideal partner for all Retailers who want to open up to new markets all over the world.

The strong synergy between the software companies in the Group, each one specialising in different areas, Large-scale Distribution, Retail, Fashion, Luxury, and Hospitality, have contaminated the Service offer which, thanks to investments in the new Mestre premises, is already able to offer our customers a full, international support service. Not just for hardware, but also for the Group's software solutions.

Lastly, Custom is all about research and innovation: every year we invest a significant portion of company profit in research and development, with a team of 120 professionals dedicated to engineering.


30 years in the Retail and in the Fashion&Luxury business; 15 years working in support of opening new sales outlets abroad; 57 countries reached by the software solutions of Bizeta Retail Solutions. These are just some of the numbers that make Bizeta Retail Solutions a complete and reliable software partne

15 years ago, Bizeta Retail Solutions began guiding its Italian clients in the opening of sales points abroad. Today, our solutions are installed in 57 countries all over the world and one of the strengths Custom Group has to offer is the built-up shared international experience. The wealth of know how, history and references that Bizeta Retail Solutions is able to bring to the table is easily integrated with the Custom offer, starting with the uptake of hardware products and through to influencing the before- and after-sales assistance dynamics.

Today Bizeta Retail Solutions is the software reference for the Custom Group, together with the companies Maxima and power2Retail: a new software group able to capitalise on their mutual experience to provide retailers with the immediate advantage of a full, complete, structured, solid and multisector offer.


power2Retail was the last software company to become part of the Custom Group. 
The p2R software platform made its debut in 2009 and today it is installed in 29 countries by international chains, including Luisa Spagnoli, Liu Jo UOMO, and Original Marines.
power2retail uses HTML5 technology with web-based protocols web based that make it possible to manage processes, even off-line, on any device, whether mobile of via traditional pos. The ideal platform to manage every aspect of performance and securely govern a critical process such as sales.
To know how to provide a fast response to complex changes in the Retail markets, software company, power2Retail uses methods and technologies that evolve the software environment, thanks to the continued release of new functions. Micro-updates of this mode, called DEVOX, do not affect the performance and usability of the platform, which adapts to the continuing changes in the market, with fluid, dynamic responses to every new requirement of the Retailer.

For stay closer to the changes in the Retail market and to be able to answer the new needs of the Retailer more quickly, the software companies in the Custom Group have developed a full, modular offer, sharing the experience and complementary skills of each.
The result is the possibility to offer firm, innovative, immediate and multi-sector answers with international coverage.

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Published on 28/06/2018 in Trends & Markets