Custom tells its story


Being twenty for a company like Custom SpA means to be "young" in a market of giants, but, like all teens, we can boast the determination and the wish to look to the future with passion and new ideas.

Anxious of growing well and quickly, also because we love to work the scenes - as real experts - we continued our work with a hanging head, without pausing to tell our story. But now it's different, now we are mature - to continue in the metaphor - and it's time to share the work that we did to show how - since 1992 - we have been going on to become a big company, in Italy and worldwide.

During the last years, companies consolidated a new way to communicate based on storytelling. Internet and mobile technologies are the tools that lead to this kind of contact: customers are increasingly aware and demanding, so it becomes important to stand out and prove to deserve their trust. Telling your own story is useful for this!

Custom SpA is a great company that in these years has been hugely evolving its complexity, becoming a global reality and being successfully part of many different sectors. We want the new Custom Blog to be a virtual meeting place, where we will tell you about changes and innovations, we'll keep you updated on our products, on the activities of the Custom Group and the market trends.

We want to involve you in our story and let the others know it!

It's not a coincidence that our own brand shows an exclusive attention to the customer, and this has always been our company mission: your needs come for first and telling this will be our new challenge!

Published on 13/01/2016 in Trends & Markets