Custom SpA in the heart of Milan Fashion Week


From September 21st to 26th 2016, Custom Spa was in the heart of Milan Fashion Week #MFW and, together with Bizeta Retail Solutions, exhibited with MF Fashion, the exclusive Milan fashion newspaper, in Class Editori's space, at Unicredit Pavilion in Piazza Gae Aulenti.


Milan Fashion Week has been a big event, generating more than 40 millions of interactions on social networks, especially on Instagram and Twitter, according to

With more than 22,500 visitors and a turnover of 50,5 million Euros (according to FashionUnited Business Intelligence), Milan Fashion week reflects the positive trend of fashion industry (textile, clothing, leather, shoes, glasses, jewellery and cosmetics): the results of the analysis, done during the first six months of this year and recently published by CNMI, foresee a 1,4% increase for fashion and related fields, with an expected forecast of 83,6 billion Euros.


The Fashion Hub, headquarters for Camera della Moda during the fashion week, registered more than 6,000 visitors, with an increase of 70% comparing to last season.

Custom SpA and Bizeta Retail Solutions were there and, thanks to the Custom printers installed in Class Editori's booth, gave buyers, journalists and fashion victims a celebrating boarding pass, customized with the best pics from the runway shows in London and New York chosen among MF Fashion's covers.

This unique combo created by Custom amazed and surprised the people visiting Unicredit Pavilion in Piazza Gae Aulenti. The customized boarding pass became the exclusive souvenir at the Hub entrance!

Custom proposed two solutions to show the versatility and the design of its product: the new Fly PC-POS was connected to two different printers, the Custom TK302 printer for boarding pass and the Custom K3 POS printer.

Custom FLY è is the first PC POS with a structure entirely in aluminum, able to guarantee elegance and sturdiness. With its compact design, it allows to rationalize spaces, and offers high performances thanks to the powerful 1.7 GHz i3 processor, a 4GB RAM and a 64GB SSD unit.

Custom TK302 è is the most advanced ATB and BTP (boarding pass and baggage tags) printer on the market, created for applications requiring big workloads, reliability and high performances.

K3 è is a POS printer designed by Custom and it's suitable for any environment. It's elegant, handy and guarantees high performances, and has a cutting edge technological pack, useful to print receipts, coupons, kitchen orders, invoices and tickets.

This was the best way to show real-time how the products made in Custom are handy and flexible! Have a look at the videos of the event on our youtube channel and on Instagram!

Published on 05/10/2016 in Trends & Markets