2006-2010: new markets

Production plant expansion, new production plants, new partnerships and strategic acquisitions to give a shape to the Custom Group.


Custom production Europe S.r.l.

This year sees the reorganization of the company: while all the technology-related activities - from the design to the development of utility tools – are performed within the company, the production activity - always managed and organized by Custom - is entrusted to the company Custom Production Europe Srl, with offices in Romania and sub-contractors in India, specializing in the KUBE printers line.

Custom, with its 12 ISO 9002 certified Italian suppliers, develops unparalleled solutions that stand out for their innovative features and user-friendliness.

Some of these include printers with PC functions, integrated web servers, and cutting edge self-installing printer drivers and monitoring software tools. Furthermore, thanks to the creation of a new web portal, all the external divisions of the Company, production, sub-contractors and branches are connected to the headquarters in real time via secure access to Custom's private web portal.


System Retail S.p.A.

System Retail SpA joins Custom group. The consolidated know-how of the new company in the field of IT solutions for the Retail Market allows Custom Group to become fully involved in the integrated development of applications, in supplying value-added technological solutions and services to sales points of large-scale retail businesses, large retail organizations and franchisors.

Innovation and Multimedia

For Custom, investments in R&D have always been a priority: the company is among the first to virtualize it corporate servers using the VMWARE technology, leading to major advantages in terms of data security, space and energy saving.

New products dedicated to the world of multimedia are created: mini-players and multimedia box capable of distributing multimedia contents such as videos, web pages and images to various monitors and screens of any size. The share capital is increased to 4.5 million Euro.

All the corporate server rooms are connected via optical fibres and the web site, created with the latest technology, becomes increasingly "dynamic".  


Custom Group

2008 sees the establishment of Custom Group, thanks to the foundation of System Gaming SpA, with the aim of implementing and developing Custom's activities in the Gaming and Lotteries & Betting sector. Furthermore, Fasy Group is acquired for the purpose of becoming a benchmark in Europe in the field of POS cash register automation as well as in the franchising and retail services. The share capital is increased to 6 million Euro.

The Group expands its production plant in Romania to 1200sqm. A partnership with the Hanindo China group is established and a new branch office in San Jose, California was opened.

In the meantime, Custom continues to invest in Research and Development: the result is the launch of a new ticketing division providing highly technological solutions, new software and applications to facilitate the man-machine relationship.


New vertical markets: industry and ticketing

The economic crisis does not hinder Custom, that continues to invest, specializing in vertical markets and introducing a range of solutions specially designed for industrial use and ticketing services.

This scenario leads to a new collaboration with the company STIMARE LTD, a partner that allows Custom to provide software integration support within the scope of events ticketing applications.

The expansion in China and India continues and the site www.custom.biz is published in Chinese.  


Partnership with IATA

The year 2010 sees the upgrade and expansion of the POS and Ticketing ranges with the launch of a new line of Touch screen cash systems and the strengthening of the ticketing, events and transport areas.

The Group establishes an important partnership with IATA (International Air Transport Association), the most important player in the aviation industry and further strengthens its international presence by participating in more than 20 trade fairs worldwide and establishing new distribution channels with various partners.

This is year is also characterized by the acquisition of 100% shareholding of Fasy International SpA.