Custom today

High Tech Solution Company, specialized in the Retail and Enterprise markets.

Thanks to our selected network of technological partners, we are able to plan and provide complete solutions based on our hardware, software platform and service tailored to customer needs.

Over 27 years of Innovation

  1. Panel printer First panel printer

    Custom Custom Engineering is born

  2. Kiosk printer First kiosk printer

  3. Custom Retail BU is born

  4. Electronic Journal First company to introduce the Electronic Journal

  5. Veriprint Veriprint

    Custom Gaming BU is born

  6. Remote monitoring system First remote monitoring system

    Custom Custom Production Europe

  7. Custom System Retail

  8. Multi bin ticketing printer First MULTI BIN ticketing system

    Custom Ticketing BU is born

  9. Modular cash system First modular cash system


  10. RFID RFID module embedded on printers

    Custom Aviation BU is born

  11. K3 POS printer K3 the fastest POS printer

    Custom Custom America

  12. CIS First printer with alignement made with an image sensor (CIS)

    Bizeta Maxima Netrising

  13. Integrated parking management First unique device for the complete and integrated parking management

    Custom B2C is born

  14. Multi scan First "wearable" scanning system with wireless recharge

  15. Twentyfive

    Custom Service Center Custom

  16. OEM color scanner First rear/front OEM color scanner with USB3.0 interface

    power2Retail Nitere Italiana Macchi Zenith PosX

Core Competence

R&D Lab

  • Excellent Time to Market
  • 29 patents

Software Factory

  • Apps and platforms (resident or cloud based)
  • Data Intelligence Core

Service Center

Specialized hardware and software technicians
Centralized control room

R&D Lab

Our commitment to continuous research into new technologies provides a competitive advantage and unique solutions. 

Custom reinvests a significant part of its company profits in research and development each year.

To innovate means for us make technology easy to use, accessible for all and something that will improve someone's situation in life.
Carlo Stradi

Software Factory

Custom is able to supply software solutions and dedicate multilayers (packaged), multi-platform, multi-device applications for the changing needs of retailers and enterprise.

Point of Sale
Mobile Point of Sale
Fidelity Card
Virtual Customer Data Card
Multilanguage, Currency, Format
ERP/CRM integration
Business Analytics
Profit Protection
Augmented Reality
Fiscal Solutions

Service Center

An important highly-specialised service network equipped with real time technological tools such as the Custom4U portal, dedicated apps, logistics and operative centers.

The service network operates worldwide, trained and coordinated by unique management (S.P.o.C.).

Information sharing
Data security and reliability
Quick real time management
Accurate intervention planning
Intervention forecast and analysis
Help Desk
Data exportation for analysis and reports
Reduction of management and intervention time