TK202 is a very fast ticket printer, featuring a printing speed > 200mm/s. Different ticket widths, from 20 to 82.5 mm, easily adjustable by the user. Ticket weight (in grams): from 80 to 255 g/m². 1D and 2D barcode printing.

  • TK202
  • TK202 - Version with paper roll holder
  • highlights
  • focus on
    • Ticket printer for heavy workloads
    • Printing speed up to 200 mm/s
    • Ticket width: from 20 to 82.5 mm
    • Ticket weight (in grams): from 70 to 255 g/m²
    • Improved print head quality for crisp printouts
    • Fan-fold / paper roll holder
    • Embedded display on 2 lines
    • Version with 300 DPI printing head available
    • 1D and 2D barcode printing: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN13, EAN8, CODE39, ITF, CODABAR, CODE93, CODE128, CODE32, PDF417, DATAMATRIX, QRCODE
    • RS232 + USB interface
    • Sensors: fully adjustable lower and upper optical sensor, to suit any ticket width and to detect black marks/gaps
    • The tear-off function is the ideal solution to reduce costs, the cutter does not wear even with labels
    • Graphics: dynamic logo (graphic memory max 2MB)
    • Characters: True Font character support, any language available
    • Auto-installing drivers for Win XP/Vista/7 and Linux Drivers
  • technical features
  • Printing Method Thermal with fixed head
    Number of dots 8 dots/mm
    Resolution 203 DPI
    Printing (mm/sec) >200 mm/sec
    Character set PC437, PC850, PC860, PC863, PC865, PC858
    Printing Format Height and width from 1x to 8x, reverse, underlined, italic, bold
    Printing Direction Straight, 90°, 180°, 270°
    Paper width From 20mm to 82.5mm (2mm step)
    Paper weight from 70 to 255 g/m²
    Emulation CUSTOM/POS - SVELTA
    Interfaces RS232 / USB
    Data Buffer 64 KB
    Flash Memory 16 MB
    Graphic Memory Dynamic logo management (graphic memory max 2MB)
    Drivers Win XP, Vista, 7
    Software Tools Font Editor; Logo Editor
    Power supply 24 Vac ± 10%
    Medium consumption 0.8A      (12,5% dots turned on)
    Head Life 100Km /100M pulses
    Dimensions 252.1 (L) x 192.6 (H) x 216 (W) mm
    Weight 4 Kg
  • Options
    • Version with RFID available
To download the files of this area please link to:
  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 911BD010200313 PRINTER TK202 USB RS232     Options for 911BD010200313 Spare parts for 911BD010200313
      • Options for 911BD010200313
      • 974BA010000001 ROLL HOLDER TK200-TK300 185MM BLACK    
      • 974BA010000312 ROLL HOLDER FOR TK202-TK302    
      • 976BB010000014 LOWERING KIT FOR FLAT ROLL HOLDER    
      • 21100000001709 BAGTAG LOADING GUIDE TK202-TK302 HOLDER    
      • 26500000000331 RS232 CABLE 1,8M 90° PLUG TK202-TK302    
      • 26500000000357 CABLE 1.8MT USB 90° BLACK UL    
      • 26500000000043 RS232 CABLE 3M 90° PLUG TK202-TK302    
      • 26500000000048 USB CABLE 3M 90° PLUG TK202-TK302    
      • 26100000000311 SHUKO PLUG CABLE    
      • 26100000000313 UK PLUG POWER CABLE FOR TK180    
      • Spare parts for 911BD010200313
      • 81800000000044 PCBA LCD TK20X-30X R2 SHKPM300-LCD-1 (P)    
      • 44000000004900 SP COMPLETE FOOT TK302    
      • 963GE020000043 POWER SUPPLY 24V 100W SWT MOLEX    
      • 21400000001203 COV TK300II "CUSTOM" RAL9005 30690012 UL    
      • 2B200000000034 MEMBRANE KEYBOARD TK202 DISP ST059_E001    
      • 21400000001198 FRON COV RAL9005 ST059_P0300 30690010 UL    
      • 21400000001201 TK300II COVER HINGE RAL9006 30690011 UL    
      • 21240000000007 COVER SPRING TK300 PMML_O_05800    
      • 43000000020800 SP CONNECTORS COVER TK302    
      • 2C160000000006 THERM HEAD 80MM 24VDC KPW-80-8TBB1-CE R3    
      • 21600000000303 GEAR PULLEY P2.032 Z=50 PMPU_MXL009    
      • 21500000000331 RUBBER ROLLER KPM300 PMRU_021    
      • 81700000000005 PCBA KEYS KPM302 200DPI KYO (P)    
      • 81200000000636 PCBA CPU KPM202 R3 ST083_DP010 UL    
      • 81800000000041 PCBA TICKET OUT KPM302 R4 (P)    
      • 41000000002300 SP PCBA BOTTOM NOTCH SENS KPM302    
      • 41000000001800 SP PCBA UPP NOTCH SENS KPM302    
      • 2A100000000329 MOTOR 24VDC 42X42SH MOONS    
      • 43000000001100 SP COMPLETE GROUP UPPER BASE KPM302    
      • 43000000001200 SP COMPLETE LOWER BASE KPM302    

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