Automation and smart logistics for a complete Customer Experience

On our previous article dedicated to customer's satisfaction, we focused on Customer Care and gamification. In this new in-depth analysis of the topic, we will address two other essential factors for a successful Customer Experience: the automation of the store and the efficiency of logistics and warehouse.

Automation and self-service in the Retail sector

The point of sale is always automated; customers now expect self-service payment and choice options in almost every type of store. Not only: purchases made independently must include cashless and contactless methods to pay the bill.

A trend that grew exponentially in the post-pandemic, when the survey "Consumers and Retailers in the New Normal phase" of GFK Italia displayed the following situation:

  • 73% of interviewees only attend shops that guarantee maximum hygiene and safety;
  • 35% of consumers prefer staff not touching the goods;
  • customers who buy similarly in stores and online have increased from 17% to 43%.


So what was originally a main tool in the world of catering has ended up involving the entire retail overview. Talking about the kiosk, it is a really appreciated product by those who prefer to do anything on their own, in-store included.

A device that now boasts refined and innovative designs, accepting all forms of payment thanks to PIN pads, bar-code readers and integrated POS printers. The large and elegant touch screen monitors, able to support various operating systems and software with an intuitive use, ensure a unique shopping experience.

Smart logistics and efficient warehouse management

For an effective customer experience, however, you should not neglect what happens behind the scenes. Stock availability and visibility, an efficient supply chain, return management and warehouse organization are all crucial challenges for those who work in the trade sector.

The focus of a functioning logistics is shown by another detailed study. Deloitte’s "Retail Industry Forecast", a report that involved 50 industry leaders, describes that 70% of interviewees believe that problems in the supply chain will impact growth in 2023.

To respond to this challenge you need software and mobile computers, but there is another aspect that should not be forgotten. The hybrid purchase modalities, which are highly increasing, need a management of the inventory and a cargo handling always under control.

At this point new innovative lockers become relevant and allow you to recharge a number of palmtops simultaneously as soon as they are stored. These systems will become an increasingly familiar tool in the back-office of stores.

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Published on 12/09/2023 in Trends & Markets