Customer Care and Customer Experience: the customer always at the heart

On the one hand, professional and always available assistance, on the other, new technologies to make the customers' experiences unique. Customer satisfaction must now be at the heart of any company strategy.

Successful relationships achieved by emphatic interlocutors

Global Consumer Trend 2023” has identified the main trends for a successful relationship between customers and brands. These are: human connections, personal relationships, unstructured feedback and collaborative operators. Published by Qualtrics, an American company listed on the Nasdaq and specialized in experience management solutions, the analysis includes interviews with 33,000 consumers from 29 countries: among them, about 1,200 are Italian.

Regarding customer interaction, the study shows that the presence of a collaborative interlocutor has a greater impact on consumer satisfaction also compared to a short waiting time. In Italy, specifically, getting in touch with an employee who shows empathy has an important weight in the overall experience with a particular brand.

To ensure the level of satisfaction required by the market, an efficient Customer Care must be able to rely on staff both online and on-site.

The Customer Experience between interactivity and gamification

If you want to keep the customer top of mind, effective support comes with a personalized and interactive shopping experience. An interesting fact, as reported by the insight "A transformation in store" by McKinsey & Company, is that the 83% of American consumers now expect their shopping experience to be somehow personalized.

In order to achieve this goal, several resources can help retailers: loyalty programs to collect consumer preferences, sales assistance, digital signage, promotional messages complying with the target profile and interactive experiences in the wake of gamification. A perfect knowledge of their customers leads to targeted interactions and, for this reason, they are really appreciated.

Custom Group full service support and advanced technologies

In Custom, both contexts that we have just seen are well supervised, in order to guarantee our customers totally satisfying experiences.

The Service Center Custom is an authentic full service support, highly structured and with an international presence. Remote assistance, available both by telephone and online, organized on several levels and with different types of contacts and profiles, is supported by a network of hundreds of specialized on-site technicians. A team of qualified professionals who are constantly trained with new courses to keep up-to-date and are able to carry out any intervention within 4/6 hours.

Coming instead to the Group's proposals for an engaging Customer Experience, its advanced solutions for Retail are particularly interesting. We are talking about self-service kiosks with integrated printers, interactive tables, touch walls, software for sharing content, suites dedicated to games, monitoring systems and much more. Each of these tools does contribute to making the consumer's in-store experience unforgettable.

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Published on 31/07/2023 in Trends & Markets