Elegant, practical and highly performing

With the new K3 printer Custom has reached the technological top in the table of POS and Retail printers. It is the ideal product to print receipts, coupons, kitchen orders, invoices and tickets. K3 is an elegant and highly performing product, designed and conceived to suit any and all environments: be it a luxury fashion shop, a fine restaurant or a large warehouse. K3 is equipped with an avant-garde technological package, WiFi module, application notes for Android and a special feature to print from Apple devices, like iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad. Using the product is further simplified by the illuminated tactile feed and cover opening buttons, so that K3 is intuitive and performing as soon as you start working on it. In addition, a LED will illuminate to indicate that servicing is required and when the paper roll is exhausted the cover mechanism will open automatically, thus prompting the user to quickly and easily replace it. K3 can be wall-mounted in vertical position. K3 will render the experience at your venue unforgettable, from the first to the last moment.


  • Receipt/invoice, order and label printer
  • Powerful processor
  • RS232 + USB + Ethernet + Cash drawer port (optional WI-FI or Bluetooth)
  • Fast and powerful: 280mm/sec
  • Prints high quality logos and coupon graphics
  • 200 DPI resolution
  • Paper width: 80mm, 58-60mm, adjustable (with the included adapter)
  • Paper thickness: from 55g to 90g
  • External paper roll diameter: 100 mm max
  • Auto-cutter: 2.000.000 cuts
  • Printing head: 200Km
  • 1D and 2D barcode printing (QRCODE, DATAMATRIX, PDF417, AZTEC)
  • True Font International characters printing
  • Paper presence, near paper end, anti-jamming sensors
  • Vertical mounting
  • Storage memory



  • Automatic cover opening on reaching the roll end
  • Fan-fold paper management
  • Easy access to parts subject to ordinary maintenance
  • Cable holder system
  • Feed and cover opening touch keys; ON/OFF button
  • LED indicator to notify that servicing is required
  • Tray connector
  • Buzzer
  • Vertical mounting


  • True Font international characters (among which Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Russian etc.)
  • Auto-installing drivers (Windows WHQL certified): WindowsTM XP, 2K3, Vista, W7, W8 (+64bit support), W10, Linux (32/64 bit), OPOS, JavaPOS, MAC OSX.
  • Virtual COM: Software Tool to create a virtual serial port on Windows PC (XP,Vista,7) capable of connecting Custom devices, physically linked via USB or ETHERNET, in such a way as to be compatible with software applications designed for connection in serial mode
  • CePrinterSet SOFTWARE : to update logos, edit characters, set operating parameters and update the printer firmware. It allows you to create a file including the different SW customizations and send them to the printer via the interface provided, for easy and fast setting
  • It prints from Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch), Android, Windows Phone




  • Wi-Fi module or Bluetooth module
  • Version with built-in display
  • KB30 keyboard: positioned in the tray underneath the printer and connected via extensible USB cable

Technical sheet

Printing Method Thermal printing        
Number of dots 8 dots / mm        
Resolution 203 DPI        
Printing (mm/sec) 280mm/s        
Character set Standard font, Chinese 18030, Russian font        
Supported Barcode 1D/2D (QRCODE, DATAMATRIX, PDF417, AZTEC)        
Paper width 58mm / 60mm / 80mm        
Paper weight from 55 to 90 g/m²        
Roll Dimension max Ø 100 mm        
Sensors Paper present (on board of the head)Adjustable sensor VeryNotchNOTCH / TOP-NOTCHQFCCover open        
Emulation CUSTOM True Font        
Interfaces RS232 / USB / ETHERNET        
Flash Memory 4MB Flash SPI + 1MB internal to the micro        
RAM Memory 64 MB        
Drivers (Windows WHQL certified): WindowsTM XP, 2K3, Vista, W7, W8 (+64bit support), W10, Linux (32/64 bit), OPOS, JavaPOS, MAC OSX.        
Software Tools CePrinterSet; Virtual COM; Full Status Monitor        
Power supply 24 Vdc ± 10%        
Head Life 200 Km        
MCBF 2 million cuts        
Operating temperature 0°C + 50°C        
Dimensions 206 (L) x 140 (H) x 148 (W) mm        
Weight 1.98 Kg








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