K3 F

K3 F

The third generation of Custom's fiscal products

K3F starts the third generation of Custom's fiscal products. With an ever more advanced and specialized technology, K3F not only improves speed and reliability performances, but also opens the doors to mobile communication with its Ethernet interface (standard equipment) and Wi-Fi connectivity (optional). These features have been conceived to use the product with applications designed for mobile and cloud-oriented sales. K3F has no technological limits: it can be managed via LAN or via a geographic network and it can be easily reached by any device, like tablets or smartphones with network access.


  • Wi-Fi fiscal printer
  • Powerful 400MHz processor
  • Automatic cover opening
  • Fast and powerful: 280mm/sec
  • Prints high quality logos and coupon graphics
  • Paper width: 80mm, 60mm, adjustable (1 movable side)
  • Paper thickness: from 55g to 90g
  • External paper roll diameter: 100 mm max
  • Auto-cutter: 1.000.000 cuts
  • Printing head MTBF: 200Km
  • Vertical mounting
  • Drawer connector
  • Electronic journal on MMC / SD
  • 1D and 2D (QRCODE) barcode printing
  • Storage memory for logos and configuration files
  • Custom protocols, XON-XOFF, UAP
  • Fiscal, financial, statistical and historical reports
  • Customizable receipt's graphic and promotional coupons printing
  • Gift/Warranty receipt management
  • Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS and POS.net drivers
  • Approved for invoice printing on receipt
  • Approved for negative receipts (returns)


                                            Fiscal RX Configurator:
Self-installing software tool that allows the complete programming of the printer with data saving and reactivation through PC, in addition to the keyboard customization and the graphic logos' transferring. Valid for Windows operating system.


  • Automatic cover opening on reaching the roll end
  • Fan-fold paper management
  • Easy access to parts subject to ordinary maintenance
  • Cable holder system
  • Feed and cover opening touch keys; ON/OFF button
  • LED indicator to notify that servicing is required
  • Tray connector
  • Buzzer
  • Vertical mounting


  • Embedded WI-FI or Bluetooth module
  • Version with embedded customer display
  • KB30 keyboard: positioned in the tray underneath the printer and connected via extensible USB cable

Technical sheet

Processor 100 Mhz        
Electronic Journal SD Card SLC Industrial "long life", up to 3,000,000 lines (about 600 rolls)        
Mass Storage DGFE on SD CARD        
Keyboard External alphanumeric keyboard K35-USB        
Display The whole family XD and QD; version with built-in LCD backlit display, 2x20 characters, blue background, white LEDs        
Paper width 80mm adjustable        
Printing speed 280mm/sec        
Interfaces RS232, USB, ETHERNET        
Tax deductible receipt yes        
PLUs 30 programmable PLU
PLU groups for aggregate statistics
Payment types 30 customizable types of payment        
Price Modifiers 8 price modifiers (discounts and surcharges)        
VAT rates 10        
Reports Fiscal and financial        
Graphics Prints high quality logos and coupon graphics; 1D and 2D barcode printing (QRCODE)        
Protocols CUSTOM, XON/XOFF, UAP        
Drivers Windows, OPOS , JavaPOS, POS.net, Android        
Dimensions 206mm (L)x148mm (D)x140mm (H)        
Resolution 203dpi (8 dots/mm)        
Paper roll dimension max Ø 100 mm        
Medium consumption 2.2 A (12.5% printing rate)        
Power supply 24 Vdc ± 10% (external power supply)        
Weight 1.9 Kg        

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