The first desktop printer to support both RFID and Linerless.



Custom is now offering TK180 bag tag with linerless capability.

Due to hygienic and protection reasons airport staff may wear gloves and it may be difficult peel-off standard bag tags; linerless bag tags facilitate the operations for all those customers who still prefer to use the traditional counters.

TK180 is an environment friendly product, with no paper waste at the autoload, and now the linerless version is even more eco-responsible: since it has no backing paper, it produces less waste when printed.


  • Extremely Compact and Reliable
  • Full metal robust casing
  • BPP and BTP all-in-one
  • Cupps compliant and native AEA 2012 support
  • High speeds up to 200 mm/sec
  • Interface: USB, RS232 and Ethernet
  • Special autocutter with cut/hold feature
  • Automatic ticket length detection
  • New metal paper roll holder
  • Full paper auto-loading without paper wasting
  • Only certified linerless tags supported


Download TK180 LINERLESS datasheet!



Published on 19/06/2020 in Products news


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