The smallest LED color printer: TK306

Color and the endless freedom to customize, with maximum speed and minimum noise. The only entertainment solution that’s free from minimum print quantity requirements and unleashes creativity thanks to its photograph quality.

Designed and developed to make its mark on the entire entertainment world, its DRY TONER technology delivers unprecedented and uncompromising color print quality (1200 dpi resolution). LED-head technology without moving components guarantees a total absence of nozzle maintenance, unlike with inkjet and laser printers.
In addition to the improved performance guaranteed by LED technology, TK306 represents the most efficient alternative to laser-printing technologies thanks to its ability to satisfy the unprecedented demand for solutions capable of offering a proven return on investment, speed and quality of the process of printing. The progress of printing technologies thus merges with a long-awaited, universal need. It is the first real solution that eliminates the need for pre-orders of prints and unused post-event tickets – difficulties encountered throughout the entertainment sector but also throughout the MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) sector. From sports to culture via festivals and fairs, conferences and events. The best color printing quality, the most innovative technology and the only suitable solution for visual identification applications (badges/tickets/single ID cards, label) which are increasingly used in small, medium and large companies.

Published on 24/09/2019 in Press releases


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