September 2016


Custom S.p.A and Netrising reinvent the concept of safety with a new APP


Custom S.p.A. together with Netrising, a Custom Group company specialized in the digital sector and Italian leader for the number of created and downloaded APPs in the APP stores, developed an innovative application for OBB (Austrian Federal Railways), with unique hardware and functionalities. The aim is to protect the employees in case of emergency or danger (a fall, an assault, an unexpected immobilization, an illness) through an advanced remote monitoring system and emergency calls.


Known all over the world as one of the leading groups in the production of ticketing, gaming and Point of Sales systems, Customs stands out for the innovative solutions that offers, designed accordingly to the fil rouge of the company: the creation of "custom made" products, specifically built following markets and customers needs. Also in this case, Custom and Netrising have been able to design an innovative proposal for the safety of Austrian Federal Railways employees in a potentially dangerous work environment.


The core of SOS-Notfall APP is an encryption technology with a "just in time" tracking and geolocation system in stand-alone mode if an emergency takes place. A communication process based on both GPS and Wi-Fi technology allows the employees to use the APP also in their sparetime.


The "private mode" which is free configurable by the employee to protect his privacy, allows to locate people if they want to be located 24H/24H and supplying them with a set of specific alarms such as the acoustic one, the silent one, the one to use in case of impact, in case of immobilization and fall, other than the possibility to call 3 numbers simultaneously and to send automatic SMS.


SOS-Notfall is a real instrument for control and safety, both active and inactive: from the worker side, it allows to ask for help through alerts transmission in a simple, secure (it's also possible to exclude the smartphone's speaker to make emergency silent calls) and fast way; from management side, it gives possibilty to check staff´s localization only in case of emergency to be able to intervent promptly.

Published on 02/09/2016 in Press releases


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