"Prendi&Vai": Behind Italy's first fully automated store is the Custom Group!

"Prendi&Vai" Tuday Conad, inaugurated in Verona by the DAO cooperative, is a fully automated retail outlet that revolutionizes the shopping experience through the implementation of artificial intelligence. System Retail, a software house within the Custom Group, played a key role in developing the check-out aspect of this innovative project, as their involvement centered on integrating cutting-edge technologies.


Carlo Stradi, president of Custom, issued the following statement regarding the project:


"The Custom Group provides a key contribution to technological solutions for supermarkets through the specialization of System Retail solutions for the Large-Scale Retail (GDO) and Organized Distribution (DO) sectors. The recent collaboration with the DAO GROUP on the Tuday Conad Autonomous store project in Verona demonstrates the broad scope of innovations introduced.


System Retail played a crucial role in the project by facilitating the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI). The Custom Group identified the needs of the DAO Group (Conad) and successfully developed a customized design that made it possible to integrate new advanced technologies into the retail point. System Retail's specialization in the superstore market not only ensured a revolutionary shopping experience but also redefined the very concept of shopping."


Published on 12/12/2023 in News


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