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September 2016


PP54 - simplify, customize and innovate; the best possible solution for a simple and fast ticketing management.


Without knowing it, people meet Custom Group Technology often during the ordinary everyday: a receipt, a ticket, when paying at the bar and at the supermarket, at the ATM for a withdrawal, at the parking meter while paying the car parking, the train ticket, a gaming receipt, when making a deposit, buying a ticket for the cinema, the museum, etc..


Parma, Custom Group is a point of reference for national and international industry in designing and manufacturing printing solutions. Its range of products and services is one of the widest on the market. The aim is to provide user-friendly and integrated Italian Technology.


CUSTOM introduces the new PP54, a complete and innovative system for tickets management for public transport and parking. In a market that is more and more competitive and skilled, CUSTOM fully meets actual and future needs, increasing once again innovation in stand-alone mode too. The focus idea of Custom R&D is very simple: to re-use a single ticket for multiple purposes, to produce a printer for different applications. Custom today is the only reference for hardware, software and service solutions.


PP54 issues, prints (300 Dpi resolution) and scans (2 or 4 directions) ISO7811 tickets, it handles coupons and plastic cards (also with embossing) and c-less tickets or cards (HF RFID). It's the fastest system now available (ticket issuing in less than one second), and it can handle up to 3 tickets at the same time, having 2 retract ways (bottom and rear). With the double loader module, you can issue two different tickets or simultaneously manage a fan fold and a roll (double autonomy). From the point of view of maintenance also, the new system is successful: easily and completely inspectable, it has a specific self-diagnosis function, able to solve paper jamming problems.


Custom's R&D Department, that includes more than 200 engineers, has developed an intelligent design automation software: Custom Power Tool. A tool able to communicate to all the operating systems: from Windows to Linux, from Android to iOS. A tool that simplifies, customizes and enhances the complex working processes. A real engineering path to business and to the "software development simplification", also offering stand alone solutions based on cloud platforms. In details, Custom Power Tool includes two distinct parts that are complementary and able to create an important synergy: DESIGN and PRINT, a graphical customization tool (logos, barcodes, images, lines) and the other useful for encoding, both allowing a total programming autonomy independently from the used operating system, creating two different xml files. The first is associated to the whole project and the second is linked only to those variables that allow the customization between a ticket and another.

Published on 06/09/2016 in Press releases


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