Integrated policy

Integrated Management System Policy Statement

CUSTOM develops and manufactures professional printing, scanning and data intelligence solutions for the automation of public services and digitization processes in vertical and specialized markets. The strategic objective of the CUSTOM group is a significant and sustainable growth - on national and intonational markets - in the Retail & Hospitality, Aviation & Public Transport and Entertainment sectors.


To achieve this strategic objective, CUSTOM:

  1. identifies the relevant needs and expectations of the interested parties and the factors of the external and internal context that could cause its Integrated System to deviate from the planned results;
  2. determines the scope of the Integrated System, also considering the control and influence that CUSTOM can deploy;
  3. identifies and evaluates risks and opportunities related to:
    • the conformity of the product and service, the environmental aspects, the hazards for health and safety at work, the recognition of workers' rights;
    • compliance as well as and legal and voluntary requirements;
    • other risks and opportunities related to the relevant needs and expectations of the interested parties;
  4. manages appropriate activities to minimize risks and maximize opportunities ("risk-based thinking").


To support its strategies, CUSTOM observes the following commitments:

(1) Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Social Responsibility, Information Security and Environment; the two sites in Fontevivo - Via Berettine 2 e 2/b are in scope for Environment.



All workers and interested parties, if they recognize a situation in contrast with the principles of Social Responsibility of SA8000, can submit a claim as follow:


In addition, claims can be submitted:


Claims can be anonymous. CUSTOM guarantees that no form of discrimination is exercised on workers and interested parties, including claims about principles of social responsibility.


Release 15 - Date: 05/10/2021