Online purchases: in Italy, interaction with the physical store is still the preferred choice

A platform specialized in logistic solutions has published a report that analyzes consumption and channels used. Despite the boom in e-commerce, traditional stores retain their solid position: actually, the two complement each other, to adapt to the preferences of consumers.

In Italy, 43% of online purchases maintain an interaction with the physical store

Packlink, platform specialized in logistics solutions, has published a new report, “The Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2024“. The study analyzes the change in consumption and the channels used by customers, coming to a conclusion that is not at all surprising: despite the boom in e-commerce and the consolidation in online shopping, traditional stores remain very strong. Rather, both complement each other, to adapt to the preferences of consumers.

In Italy, online sales involving interaction with a physical store add up to Euro 19 billion, corresponding to 43%. Thirty-seven percent of customers look for products online, but make their purchase at the store, while 28% of Italians purchase primarily in-store and only occasionally through e-commerce: the highest percentage in Europe. Seventy-six percent of those surveyed combine these purchases in both channels: which places Italy with Spain in second place in Europe, behind the United Kingdom.

Bizeta solutions in an omni-channel outlook

These results once again strengthen the importance of omni-channel commerce, which better satisfies the expectations and needs of consumers. Bizeta has the ideal solutions in answer to a now dominant trend. Above all we can cite Vision BeanStore, the complete and customizable suite that supports the management and operations control of the entire Retail business. The platform includes various applications dedicated to Front & Back Office processes, as well as Mobile Apps and tools to improve operational efficiency and build processes in an omni-channel perspective.

And speaking of Mobile Apps, the perfect combination for Vision BeanStore is with Gemini, the Mobile and omni-channel POS solution that makes in-store sales more flexible and efficient. An application that offers a wide selection of retail sales functions since it includes a large set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which can be used both with the native Mobile App (available for iOS/Android or even third parties), and with any web browser.

Bizeta Retail Solutions and omni-channel approach: a now well-established alliance!

Published on 04/03/2024 in Trends & Markets