How to be a big retailer in 2018


The use of technology to understand customers better and create an ideal in-store and online experience was one of the main topics at NRF 2018: Retail's Big Show in NYC is the heart of the sector's evolution forecast for 2018.

With 36.5k visitors, 18k retailers, 7.5k companies and more than 700 exhibitors from 107 countries around the world, NRF 2018: This year too, Retail's Big Show has been the meeting point for new offers and trends on the global retail market. Made-to-measure experience, customisation and customer involvement were the key words at the event and today represent the concepts that are affecting the sector's transformation, which is increasingly moving in the digital direction, in spite of the fact that a physical sales point continues to main the top position.

What is happening in retail and how can one be a big retailer in 2018?

According to the report "Global powers of retailing" by Deloitte, the whole retail sector recorded a 4.8% growth in the period 2011-2016, a growth that not only involves the biggest American names (Wal-mart, Costco, Kroger), but also the large Italian companies.
Coop Italia with 13.042 mln $; Conad with 12.345 mln $; Esselunga with 7.644 mln $ and Eurospin with 5.144 mln $ position themselves in 72nd, 78th, 131st and 187th place respectively in the classification of the 250 big retailers drawn up by Deloitte, proving themselves to be able to stand up to international comparison by proposing new strategies without necessarily declassifying physical stores.
These realities are in fact the protagonists of the new strategic trend focused on creating unique, in-store experiences, that can regenerate the perception of a store, especially if put together with technological innovation operations, based on integrations and automations of the sales processes.


As one of the new, integrated solutions that can revolutionise the store management method, Custom presents the first remote server for cash tills: a high-performance hardware product dedicated to the remote sending of payments, in accordance with the latest legislative requirements connected with law 127/2015 and the consequent abrogation of paragraphs 429 to 432 of article 1 of law 311/2004 planned for 31 December 2018. A truly specialised product for the big retailers and not an adaptation of a remote cash till to the function of RT servers.

CUSTOM FISCALBOX this is the name chosen by the Custom Group that received official approval in December 2017 from the Italian Inland Revenue. There are several innovative solutions: specialised hardware comprising a "black box" that can easily be incorporated into the store's back office and can be managed like any peripheral on a local network, thanks to the integrated web server with the aim of maintaining the high security standards required by the networking of mass retailing stores. Even the printout processes that are mandatory by law, such as the journal and the fiscal memory, are simple and easy to use, guaranteeing the possibility of using normal consumer printers that may already be included in the sales points' local networks. A powerful, secure piece of hardware, also suited to barriers with more than 64 cash till points.

CUSTOM FISCALBOX has been developed by using the most recent technologies linked to electronic payment systems. CUSTOM FISCALBOX is also the first to be certified as the first Italian fiscal hardware that no longer uses the "fiscal seal", which has instead been replaced by an electronic digital seal.
Please get in touch by writing to for more information about CUSTOM FISCALBOX.

Published on 31/01/2018 in Trends & Markets