Digital signage: the evolution of communication


What does "digital signage" means?

Digital signage means "a kind of proximity communication in the point of sale or in outdoor or indoor advertising spaces, video-poster or digital posters, where the contents are showed to the people through electronic screens or video-projectors specifically placed in public places." [from Daniele Tirelli, Digital signage. L'immagine onnipresente, Edizioni Franco Angeli srl, Cultura della Comunicazione Serie, Milano, 2009. ISBN 9788856807820]

Digital signage numbers and forecasts

According to an analysis made by ReportsnReports, the market of the digital signage will reach 32.84 billion dollars by 2023, with an annual growth rate that will be 7,4% between 2017 and 2023.
For now, North America and Europe are the main markets for the sector of the digital signage: in 2016, North America had the market highest quote, while Europe represents one of the biggest potential markets. 
On the other hand, the bigger growth is expected for the APAC (Asia-Pacific) areas, where the sudden commercial, infrastructural and institutional development is already becoming demand of digital technologies that allow to communicate in an efficient and reliable way all the details of the whole transformation.
The 2018 trend for the digital signage 
Together with the hardware, made by even bigger, thinner and high resolution panels, the most demanded evolution is the one related to smart screens to increase the signage utility:
- Interactive screens thanks to the integration with NFC and touch technologies, and controller gesture solutions;
- Smart screens, able to analyze data and environment to organize targeted advertising campaigns, also in real-time.


In 25 years of business among goals and innovations, Custom Group has become an International point of reference in designing and manufacturing printing and scanning mechatronic solutions, offering a wide range of products for the automation of services to the public in more than 56 countries in the world. 
The extreme care for the needs of the customer made Custom Group consider changes as its own corporate philosophy, and the digital signage itself represents one of the latest trends in the field of communication, able to influence the choices of the consumers during the shopping.

And this is the starting point for VISUAL T: offering customers, especially in the field of Retail and Hospitality, a multimedia solution able to create new business opportunities, by communicating in an interactive way promotions, focuses and news, up to the full management of the shopping processes. 
VISUAL T is a touch screen multimedia totem with integrated PC, that combines a simple but elegant design and innovative performances:
- Wi-Fi module: thanks to the internet connectivity, VISUAL T can display websites, allowing a real-time web surfing in a shop, a museum, a company show room, in order to read specific web areas and focus on products or interesting subjects;
- touch monitor: the touch monitor ensures an easy surfing allowing the scrolling and the selection of the content with one touch only;
- multi-layer: the 49'' full HD vertical display is designed to enable an all around communication, which means many levels. In this way, information, promotions, focuses and social network marketplaces can coexist;
- in-store shopping: in case of e-commerce, VISUAL T can manage the shopping with the direct delivery in the store. An innovative shopping typologie, smart and self-service, directly in-store!

To know more, have a look at the page dedicated to the product by clicking here

Published on 28/09/2017 in Trends & Markets