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CUSTOM fiscal markets worldwide

In 25 years of business, CUSTOM has worked alongside 14 different fiscal markets. Today, the CUSTOM fiscal approvals are active in Italy, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Kenya, Malta, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece and Russia.
CUSTOM's approach is based on listening to clients and their needs. Goal To create ad hoc products that are made to measure for the needs of various markets and contexts, as if they were tailor-made clothes.

This is the case of the African markets where, in order to respond to fiscal law - whereby it is necessary for each business to have a fiscal meter that is connected via the Internet to the Ministry of Finance server- CUSTOM designed systems with customised technologies and solutions back in 2010.
For fiscal laws in the Czech Republic, CUSTOM has developed two cash registers that can process an online signature of the till receipt from the Financial Administration server.
In Russia, that became a part of the CUSTOM fiscal markets in 2017, an additional element for the fiscal memory cryptographic module has been designed, which sends all documents produced (receipts, goods returns, invoices) to the Financial Administration online.

Today in 2017, CUSTOM is the first Authorised Manufacturer to obtain approval for its Remote Registers (law 127/2015), in addition to having submitted the first working Remote Server prototype to the Italian Inland Revenue, which is being approved at the present time.
The new markets that CUSTOM is working on are Argentina, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Iran, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Tunisia. Potential countries, that are still considering introducing a fiscal law, are Congo, France, Mozambique, the Netherlands, Rwanda, Spain, Sri Lanka, United States, Uganda and Zambia. In particular, in accordance with new fiscal law introduced on the market, CUSTOM, as the sole manufacturer in Romania, is organising a technological refurbishment process that foresees the updating of fiscal technology.


2001: CUSTOM develops and proposes the first fiscal printer with Electronic Journal on Compact flash to the Inland Revenue;
2002: CUSTOM develops the first fiscal printer with Electronic Journal on SD/MMC;
2003: CUSTOM becomes the first authorised Italian manufacturer of fiscal cash registers based on provision 28/07/2003 AE;
2004: CUSTOM presents its first touch screen fiscal cash register;
2006: CUSTOM introduces a web server on its fiscal printers, for remote management including the transmission of emails;
2007: The era of second generation CUSTOM fiscal products (SQL internal database, coupon printing and remote connection for data sending ? Zreport, e-mails, reports);
2008: CUSTOM approves fiscal products in Romania;
2012: CUSTOM approves fiscal products in the Dominican Republic, Tanzania and Zimbabwe;
2013: CUSTOM approves fiscal products in Malawi;
2015: CUSTOM is one of the Inland Revenue's consultants for the definition of specifications for the new Italian fiscal law (127/2015), which provides for the transmission of end-of day payments signed with digital certificates;
2016: CUSTOM develops the fiscal memory cryptographic module integration for Russia with online transmission of all documents produced (receipts, goods returns, invoices) to the Financial Administration servers; and approves fiscal products in Greece;
2017: CUSTOM submits the first Remote Server working prototype to the Italian Inland Revenue and is the first Authorised Manufacturer to obtain approval for Remote Registers (law 127/2015).

Published on 23/11/2017 in New Regulations