The 2024 of commerce according to Retail Technology Show

Taking place in London, the Retail Technology Show is the event that brings together Europe’s most forward-thinking retailers. Custom will be there to discover everything about the latest trends.

AI, data and innovation

Firstly, this edition of the Retail Technology Show will focus on two of retail’s hottest topics: AI and data, while also exploring innovation through a retail lens.

Today is fundamental to learn how embrace and make sense of AI and Gen AI for competitive advantage. It's also vital to understand how to drive engagement through immersive experiences and what retail innovation really looks like in 2024 to drive businesses forward.

Placing business decision making at the core of a data strategy, maximizing innovation through collaboration with start-ups, and creating real customer engagement through industry-leading augmented reality are also very important issues.

The future of commerce

Is the future of commerce exclusively digital? Almost certainly not. Yet, some of the world’s largest retailers earn more revenue online than through their physical stores, and these two worlds are merging rapidly - either by design or because consumers demand it.

The slow revolution in retail towards a blended offering is currently reaching a critical phase: a forward-thinking retailer must explore the issues that will define any successful digital business owning a store estate.

Customers, marketing and loyalty

With the cost-of-living crisis still hitting hard, customer engagement and loyalty are more essential than ever for retail. It is now crucial to strengthen a loyalty strategy for market share, boost sales through next-level personalization, and understand social commerce’s role in an ever-changing marketing landscape. 

Other strategical actions include using innovation and creativity for customer acquisition, building a pricing strategy when customers are more price-sensitive, and truly differentiating a store according to how retail marketing is developing.

OneStore, the Retail solution to improve in-store performance

To face all these trends, on the Retail Technology Show the Custom Group presents OneStore, the Retail solution that exploits the potential of digital technology to radically improve in-store performance. A highly innovative and flexible retail software platform, which makes use of the most advanced software technologies available.

This product exploits the very best in digital technology to implement omni-channel strategies to offer a state-of-the-art user experience, as well as the option to share resources in the cloud. Its versatility makes it suitable for practically any retail setup (franchises, direct stores, pop-up…) or company size, from international Retailers to small or medium-sized businesses.

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Published on 15/04/2024 in Trends & Markets