Environmental Assertions

CUSTOM's ongoing Environmental Sustainability Project includes a constant improvement in the performance of all technological solutions in the catalog. This page is dedicated to publishing the self-declared Environmental Assertion, which will be gradually released in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14021: 2021.

The ISO 14021 standard allows the use of labels on products and packaging that represent a Self-Declared Environmental Assertion, through which a product's environmentally relevant feature is highlighted.

Sustainability claims are not measurable but are derived from comparing the features of the old product with the new one. Therefore, based on the improvements the new product presents compared to the old one, the self-certification is completed, and the label can be affixed.

Paper Saving Mode

Reduced use of resources: a firmware option which, by compressing the printing characters, allows to print tickets with the same information, but with less paper.

MODUS3 X - Small footprint kiosk printer

The MODUS3 X model, unlike the previous Custom models of equal commercial positioning, thanks to the Paper Saving Mode, is capable of reducing paper usage by 30%(1) while maintaining the same amount of data present on the ticket/receipt.

(1) The reduction refers to the total length of the ticket, measured across two reference lengths (58 and 40). The Paper Saving Mode option does not affect the printing of the Header and Images sections present on the ticket and which remain unchanged.