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Technology at the service of the healthcare sector

Custom’s technological solutions are helping to transform the healthcare experience by overseeing all phases of the treatment process, thereby preventing human error and guaranteeing the highest possible safety standards. Our solutions are not only designed to reduce human error and promote trust, they also give healthcare facilities a professional, modern appearance. From electronic terminals to integrated printing devices and information kiosks, our solutions help render the patient experience more positive. 

Real-time data to facilitate best practices in the healthcare sector

Whether it’s a mobile computer, printer or barcode reader, all of our devices allow healthcare professionals to correctly collect and send data. This sort of technological support helps make processes quicker, safer and more efficient, allowing medical professionals to focus on what matters most: their patients. Custom’s solutions really make a difference, allowing you to check information in real time so that you can make quick, informed decisions in even the most complex situations.

A solution for every clinical procedure

Thanks to Custom, the patient journey starts before hospital admission, thanks to multimedia totems that provide information in full compliance with hygiene rules, all while discouraging gatherings. Self-service kiosks installed with the compact VKP80III receipt and ticket printer allow users to complete various processes in full autonomy, while the KBR2D kiosk scanner allows patients to self-scan their prescriptions and health cards.

When admitting patients, our integrated printers and barcode readers can supply labels, badges and ID bracelets (such as the TK306 color printer combined with the SCANRANGER reader) so that you can offer a truly reliable, effective service. The main aim is to avoid errors relating to patient identification, drug verification and medical record management.

Thanks to Custom, patient safety and staff productivity are guaranteed and enhanced on the ward and in the lab. Thanks to its LTE data module and 1D/2D scanner, our P-Ranger mobile computer acquires data quickly and precisely, whether you are on the go or in a busy setting such as a hospital. Label printers and barcode readers lend a helping hand by matching samples with results, guaranteeing smooth data collection and analysis. Our PLUS range of panel printers can also be integrated with medical equipment to print data and receipts.

Custom’s solutions continue to provide assistance when patients are discharged from hospital. The portable MyPrinter X printer, combined with the handheld P-Ranger device, can help users manage data from the comfort of home. The K-Ranger mobile computer and D4 302-K barcode label printer guarantee accurate pharmacy logistics, and the consequent supply of prescribed medicines to patients, while the TK306 printer allows patients to print customized color labels to facilitate drug recognition (avoiding administration errors), offering a high-quality print for maximum readability.

Finally, the versatile SANItize box uses ozone technology to disinfect practically any object, thereby eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus. It is the perfect solution for any healthcare setting as it is can sanitize medical instruments, gloves, masks and paper medical records.

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Numerous solutions for an innovative medical experience

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