The most compact fiscal kiosk printer

  • 200dpi high printing quality
  • 80mm paper width
  • Paper thickness: from 55 to 110 g/m²
  • Speed > 200 mm/sec
  • Ejection&Retract (speed>1000 mm/s)
  • Paper roll (diameter 150mm) and fan-fold (450 tickets)
  • Multi-position paper roll (3 positions for each side)
  • High reliability and sturdiness
  • RS232 + USB 2.0 full speed + Ethernet interfaces
  • Printable barcodes: UPC-A. UPC-E, EAN13, EAN8, CODE39, ITF, CODE128, PDF417, QRCODE, GS1-DATABAR
  • True Font characters supported
  • Long lasting printing head (150 Km)
  • Highly reliable cutter: > 1.000.000 cuts
  • Sensors: paper presence in entrance, paper presence in exit, head temperature, ejector position, printing group opening, swinging bulkhead position, almost paper end with external roll holder


  • Department and PLUs planning up to 22 characters
  • Header planning up to 36 characters on 9 lines
  • Automatic calendar with printing of perennial hour
  • Cancellation of wrong operations, undo of wrong receipt, returned goods
  • Calculation, printing and change visualization
  • Credit retrieval
  • VAT calculation and rates partition
  • Memorization and printing of fiscal code, VAT number and Customers' data
  • Fiscal resetting
  • Control of open receipt from keyboard




  • The most compact fiscal kiosk printer: only 185,5 mm × 129 mm × 91,5 mm
  • Flexible: roll holder separate from the printer body, with ergonomic system for paper loading from the right or left side, suitable for all types of kiosks
  • Anti-jamming system with printer clean command and jam removal
  • Automatic ticket issuing&retracting
  • Retracting function without ticket presentation
  • Hot swap function: the printer can be removed from the kiosk without powering it off
  • Print head with auto-diagnostic function: it's possible to get the number of non working dots
  • Printing width: 80 mm
  • Printing formats: double height, double width, bold, compacted, italic
  • Operating temperature: from 0 °C to +50 °C




  • Self ticketing
  • Self check out




Printer with digital journal:
The printer allows you to save the data received in the Flash Memory in text or image format. The data can be easily read using a USB storage device.


  • Prevents the accidental introduction of objects in the printer bezel
  • It allows to reduce the onsite technical assistance costs, because it significantly increases the life of the internal components
  • No need any firmware update
  • It installs easily, even in the field (retrofit)
  • Min paper weight 55 g/m2 with 85% not condensed relative humidity
  • Operating temperature -20 / +70°C



VKP80III F adaptor frame kit:
Adaptor for installation in place of a VKP80II-XF kiosk fiscal printer. This adaptor allows to install a new VKP80III-F kiosk fiscal printer instead of a VKP80II-XF guaranteeing the same footprint inside the kiosk and so avoiding any mechanical intervention due to the different size of the 2 products.

Ficha técnica

Electronic Journal Micro SD
Mass Storage Flash memory: 4 Mbytes (+2 Mbytes inside the micro)
RAM memory with batteries: 64 kB
RAM memory without batteries: 8 MB
Fiscal memory: 256 Kbytes (2500 resettings)
Paper width 80 mm
Printing speed 200 mm/sec
Interfaces RS232, USB, ETHERNET
PLUs 30 (free and fixed)
Customers 10 (with total sold management)
Users 2 (with possibility of password)
Payment types 10 programmable
Price Modifiers Discounts and increases on item, on subtotal, per value and in percentage
VAT rates 6
Reports Fiscal, financials, stats of sales and historic
Dimensions 185,5 mm (L) × 129 mm (W) × 91,5 mm (H)
Resolution 203 dpi
Paper roll dimension max 150 mm
Medium consumption 1.2 A
Power supply 24 Vdc±10% (optional external power supply)
MTBF 150.000 hours (electronic board)
Weight 1,1 Kg

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