Sale Terms Conditions

Order confirmation and acceptance

If no framework agreement or specific agreement has been stipulated between CUSTOM and the Customer, the sale of products and services by CUSTOM shall be exclusively governed by these General Conditions of Sale for Products and Services. Any changes, amendments, exceptions and/or deletions may only be made in writing and shall be expressly approved by CUSTOM.
The General Conditions of Sale for Products and Services are an integral and essential part of any offer or order confirmation sent by CUSTOM. Any such offer, order confirmation or other types of document would be void and null without the said General Conditions, since essential elements for representing CUSTOM's will would be missing. Any purchase order made by a Customer requires that the same Customer acknowledges and agrees to these General Conditions of Sale for Products and Services. Even in the event that the Customer does not expressly and formally agrees hereto, their acknowledgement and acceptance shall always be deemed received. On the other hand, any denial or non-acknowledgement of the said General Conditions shall render the contract null and void.
CUSTOM shall not be bound by any terms and conditions other than these General Conditions of Sale for Products and Services, there including any terms and conditions which may be part of the Customer's orders or purchase conditions or that constitute the Customer's general purchasing conditions; any such terms or conditions shall always be considered non-written, void and null and in any case not accepted by and not opposable to CUSTOM.
In addition, CUSTOM shall not be bound by any other conditions that may have governed previous purchases and/or transactions with the Customer.

Moulds and equipment

Even if the Customer paid a contribution for their manufacture, moulds and any other components expressly produced by CUSTOM within the scope of a specific project or for a specific Customer shall remain the exclusive property of CUSTOM, unless an additional written agreement provides, as an exception hereto, that CUSTOM may accept or refuse - in each individual case - assignment of title for these moulds or components. Such assignment of title shall be made against a further payment and issuing the related sales invoice.

Know-how protection - confidentiality

CUSTOM is and shall remain the sole owner of the industrial property rights and know-how rights incorporated in the Products and Services. The management software packages are always provided with a temporary user's licence, which can be revoked at any time in the event of encrypting attempts or improper or illegal use by the Customer. The Customer undertakes to handle as strictly confidential any technical and commercial information, as well as any other confidential data that may come to their knowledge during the term of the contractual relationship. All technical or commercial documents, drawings and designs that CUSTOM may forward to the Customer within the scope of the contract performance shall be subject to the same confidentiality obligations. In the event that third parties involve CUSTOM in legal actions concerning information and/ or data provided by the Customer to CUSTOM in breach of industrial property rights or know-how rights or trademarks and/or patents, the Customer shall release and hold CUSTOM harmless against any third parties' claims for damage compensation and against any direct and/or indirect costs, there including legal expenses incurred in connection therewith.

Delivery - transportation - assignment of title

The delivery terms shall be EXW (Incoterms 2010), unless other specific agreements have been stipulated. The risk of loss or the risk of damage and the ownership title pertaining to the Products shall be transferred from CUSTOM to the Customer in compliance with applicable Incoterms. CUSTOM undertakes to observe the delivery deadlines indicated in the order confirmation. Such deadlines however, shall not be considered binding but merely indicative.

Quality of the goods

All CUSTOM's Products are made using new materials, following the best manufacturing procedures and are subject to quality control plans. Any conformity and/or test certificates shall be requested by the Customer in advance and shall be expressly accepted by CUSTOM in the order confirmation. Any Product tolerances and/or variations, connected with the nature of the same Product or with upgrades of the components made by sub-suppliers based on standard industrial practices shall not involve any responsibility for CUSTOM.

Liability for product faults and/or defects

Considering that the use and/or installation of the Products by the Customer are subject to a large number of variables (intended use, compatibility with the system/machine on which they will be installed and used, storage conditions etc.) that CUSTOM cannot control and on which CUSTOM has no power to act, CUSTOM:

CUSTOM obligations in the event of faulty Products shall be limited to the repair or replacement (at CUSTOM's sole discretion) of the Products involved. The Customer shall be responsible for all shipments to CUSTOM and shall bear all the costs and risks associated with this transport; return shipments to the Customer shall be borne by CUSTOM. The Customer shall not be charged for the spare parts used for repairs under warranty. The Customer shall be responsible for the costs incurred for Products that are not entitled to be repaired under warranty, as well as for the costs of any product return shipment if CUSTOM establishes that there is no fault nor defect.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

Nothing may exclude nor limit CUSTOM's liability where applicable legislation provides that liability may not be subject to limitations. Subject to the above clause, the greatest overall liability that CUSTOM may assume in relation to the Customer shall be limited to the net total value of the order with which the liability event is connected. Under no circumstance may CUSTOM be held liable for profit losses and/or gain losses, and/or loss of working contracts or business opportunities, and/or for cost increases, and/ or for consequential, indirect damages or for "special losses or liquidated damages". Each of the aforementioned provisions that excludes or limits CUSTOM's liability shall be enforced separately. If any of such provisions is judged unreasonable or not applicable by a Court, the other provisions shall remain applicable.


CUSTOM may withdraw from the contract at any time and may stop deliveries without incurring any penalties and/or indemnity payments in the event that the Customer is involved in protests, warning procedures, bankruptcy proceedings, also of an extrajudicial nature, as well as in the case of payments in arrears. The notice of withdrawal shall automatically make the acceleration clause applicable to the Customer, who shall be bound to immediately pay the Products and Services still unpaid.

Processing of personal data

The Customer authorises CUSTOM to handle, disclose and distribute their personal data in order to meet all the contractual and legal requirements/needs as well as to manage the contractual-commercial relations in a more effective manner, there including technical updates for advertising purposes. The data may be processed in writing and using paper, magnetic, electronic or telematics means, in compliance with Law Decree n. 196/2003 and Regulation UE n. 679/2016.

Governing law - place of jurisdiction

CUSTOM's sales shall be governed by the General Conditions of Sale for Products and Services, and by the Laws of Italy for anything not expressly provided for therein. Law Decree n. 232/2002 and the Italian Civil Code (article 1470 and the following relating to sales) shall apply. Any controversy which may arise in connection with the interpretation and/or performance of any contracts for the sale of Products and Services by CUSTOM shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Parma.