XD Customer display

CUSTOM XD customer's display, featuring an innovative and elegant design that perfectly matches the style of CUSTOM's fiscal printers. 40 character (20x2), backlit LCD blue display, specially designed for ECR and POS systems. It consists of an adjustable display panel which provides a wide angle of view and the possibility to have tubes of two different heights. The display base has beenengineered so as to house the body of Kube fiscal printers (first and second generation) thanks to its flexible and newly conceived installation system, which is simple and functional at the same time. It comes equipped with serial RS232 interface, with selectable baud rate from 600 to 38400bps. The displayis powered directly by the CUSTOM printer (as optional, itmay be equipped with serial cable and power adapter).

  • highlights
    • Modern and elegant design
    • Single and double-side version
    • Backlit BLUE display
    • Easy to adjust
  • technical features
  • Display method Customer display
    Number of characters 40 (20 columns x 2 lines)
    Background colour Blue
    Character set Set of international characters: 12
    Character font 5 x 8 dot matrix
    Character size 6 mm x 9.66 mm
    Character pitch 7.2 mm x 10.98 mm
    Space between characters 1.2 mm
    Space between rows 1.32 mm
    Viewing angle 8-35°
    Rotation angle 360°
    Inclination angle
    Interfaces 9 pin serial,  RJ45 serial
    Power supply 11 - 26 Vdc  10%
    Medium consumption 0.18A (single sided); 0.3A (double sided)
    MTBF 70,000 hours (electronic board)
    Weight 1.3 Kg
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  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 915DX010200300 PROP VKP80III USB RS232 REAR     Consumable for 915DX010200300 Options for 915DX010200300 Spare parts for 915DX010200300
      • Consumable for 915DX010200300
      • 67300000000380 THERMAL ROLL L80 DE130 DI26.5 55GR    
      • 67300000000388 THERMAL ROLL L80 DE180 DI26 74GR    
      • Options for 915DX010200300
      • 963GE020000003 POWER SUPPLY 24V 60W IN BOX FSP060-RAA    
      • 26900000000005 CABLE ADAPTER POWER SUPPLY    
      • 26500000000352 CABLE RS232 9M - 9F 1.8M    
      • 26500000000356 USB CABLE A MASC B MASC 1.8MT    
      • 26300000000609 NPE CABLE L230MM + PCBA NPE CBQFC12 IT    
      • Spare parts for 915DX010200300
      • 21500000000366 RUBBER ROLLER VKP80III PMRU_06010    
      • 43000000042200 SP PRINTHEAD GROUP VKP80III    
      • 9B2GR020000006 AUTOCUTTER 80MM 24V FCUT WITH GUIDES    
      • 2A100000000003 MOTOR 24VDC FK-180SH WIRED + PINION    
      • 2A100000000004 MOTOR 24VDC FK-130SH WIRED + PINION    
      • 81200000000154 PCBA CPU VKP80III REAR CONN R2 ST082 CN    
    • 932GB010100133 CUSTOMER DISPLAY XD SINGLE     Options for 932GB010100133 Spare parts for 932GB010100133
      • Options for 932GB010100133
      • 976GD010000314 KIT STAND ALONE DISPLAY XD QD    
      • Spare parts for 932GB010100133
      • 81200000000343 PCBA SINGLE CUSTOMER DISPLAY LCD BLUE R3    
      • 26300000000308 PCBA DISP CABLE LCD-LED CBAC045-LED    
      • 26300000000309 ON CABLE DISP KUBE DL CBAC045-XD    
      • 21400000000329 XD DISP LEFT LONG LEG RAL9005 30690002    
      • 21400000000331 XD DISP RIGHT LONG LEG RAL9005 30690002    
      • 81200000000793 PCBA CPU QD RS232 R2 SHAC069-C (P)    

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