The BT1 Bluetooth donglehas been designed to connect all Custom printers equipped with serial RS232 port via wireless Bluetooth technology.

Its reduced dimensions, easy installation and configuration make it the ideal solution to use with Custom printers in modern wireless applications, that are ever more requested in connection with mobile devices such as Tablets and/or smartphones.

  • Apple certified product (MY³A, MY PRINTER A)

    Made for iOS Product Plan ID

  • SDK available for iOS: can print text, images and barcode(1D e 2D). For Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth version.

    "CustomPrint" APP developed by Custom is now available on App Store, it allows to print directly from the smartphone or tablet all the data contained in it, such as calls list, texts, 2D barcodes, contacts, events, photos/pictures and webpages, through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interface.

    Click here to download from the store to the Apple APP CustomPrint developed by Custom.

To download the files of this area please link to:
  • Part Number
    • Code Description    
    • 976CR010000001 DONGLE BTH    

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